Zula Releases Arena Mode

IDC/Games announced today that the highly anticipated Arena Update has made it finally into Zula.

The Arena is a system that matches players and is active for a few hours each day. In this system, the players will enter the Arena server and try to fulfil the goals marked. Once these objectives are completed, they will get great prizes and players will move on to the next stage. The "Arena" server will be available at certain times. Entering this server, you can fight individually against your opponents. There are 6 different sections where you can get special prizes every day. To compete in the Arena, it is necessary to pay the indicated entry price.

To compete in the Arena players must have a minimum level of 10. It consists of 6 different sections. To unlock the following levels, it is always necessary to complete the previous section. The only way to play in an open section is by paying the indicated entry price.

The Update also brings new Weapons (DSR-1, TAR-21) and new skins for several weapons.


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