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World of Warships F2P War Strategy MMO for Windows or Mac By Wargaming

The third instalment of Wargaming’s “World of” series (World of Tanks, World of Warplanes), World of Warships takes the battles of World War Two to the sea. Battle it out in team based objective focused matches as the numerous powerful naval nations of the time such as USA, Japan, Britain, Germany, USSR, France, and others.

Completely free to play as a commander of their own warship players are able to access a variety of ships to take into battle. Divided by individual nation tech trees the ships fall into four different classes: destroyers, battleships, aircrafts carriers or cruisers, each having its own unique role in combat and unique skills and traits. Combined with the numerous module upgrades available to ships, different stats of the dozens of ships that make up each tree, the different crew abilities and the choice of ammunition, players can customize and design their ships to complement their own style of playing. By competing in point capture matches players pick up XP and in-game currency that they can use to unlock higher tier ships, which will give them access to new map options and higher tier matchmaking against veteran players.

The combat element is different from that offered by many other MMOs, being based on the ocean and players controlling slower moving warships as opposed to fast tanks or planes, the style of combat is far different. Players must plan ahead and stick to a strategy with their allies, but be ready to try and change it on the fly if they run into trouble. Hiding ships behind islands on an approach, keeping out of range of the longest ranged warships, protecting weaker ships and hiding flanks from torpedo attacks; these are the skills a captain must master if they wish to live out this war!

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