World of Tanks is going to take part in the World Cyber Games 2013

Wargaming has announced today that World of Tanks will take part in the World Cyber Games 2013 (an international competitive eSports event that gathers the best cyber athletes from all over the world). This year the game will be featured at national preliminary events in North America, Europe, CIS and in Asia. The winning teams from the online qualifying rounds are going to travel to Kunshan, China where from November 28 to December 1 they will represent their countries in the 2013 WCG Grand Finals.

 WOT WCG 2013 RW1

Tank squads have improved on their skills since the last year, and we expect harsh competition at WCG 2013," said Global eSports Director at Wargaming Jonghyuk Baak. "Following the launch of the League, World of Tanks has come a long way in professional gaming, and we’ll continue to evolve both the competitive and spectator elements of the game, providing viewers with a quality experience, introducing new eSports features, and supporting pro-teams.

WOT WCG 2013 RW2 WOT WCG 2013 RW3 WOT WCG 2013 RW4 WOT WCG 2013 RW5

Information source: press release.


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