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World of Tanks is a free to play massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Players enter epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. The arsenal includes more than 150 armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

It features a flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development that allows players to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the game.


World of Tanks features armored vehicles from Germany and the Soviet Union that were produced and designed starting from early 30’s and up to the Korean war. Gamers can have light, medium, and heavy tanks, as well as tank destroyers and long-range self-propelled howitzers. Apart from real tanks, the game includes prototype vehicles, such as the German E Series tanks.


- Authentic models and vehicle characteristics make you feel like a real tank commander taking part in a furious armored offensive.
- Action-packed 30-vs-30 PvP Tank battles.
- Mixture of Action, Strategy, Simulation and MMORPG genres.
- 150 Vehicles, thousands of upgrades.
- Unprecedented global Clan Wars.


The game keeps the balance between realism and gameplay. World of Tanks is not a hardcore simulator; gamers won’t have to spend their time on getting used to controls. The game’s difficulty lies upon applying your tactical skills and coordinating moves with your teammates.

The game models are nearly identical to their real-life prototypes, and this refers to all game aspects. Game tanks firing rate equals the firing rate of real tanks in training-ground conditions. When firing in motion, scattering appears, and the faster you go, the bigger your scattering is. The number of shells and positioning of elements are identical to real vehicles. Specifications, dynamics and turret turning speed also depend on a chosen model.


World of Tanks features ranking battles and clan tournaments. There is Global map divided into hundreds of provinces where battles for territories are unfolded. In Clan Wars, there is Global map divided into hundreds of provinces. To start their activity on the map, every clan has to capture one of coastal provinces. If a province is not occupied by others, the clan will get it for free, while an occupied province will have to be fought for.

There are several economic categories of provinces, from basic ones to “headquarters”. Occupying a common province will give a clan credits, whereas possessing a key province will result in gold benefits. So, “headquarters” will give most monetary benefits to their owners.

Every clan has a certain amount of “chips” equal to the number of its members. By putting a chip on a chosen province, a clan shows its claim on capturing it. If another clan expresses its will to capture the same province or if the province belongs to another clan, the two clans are to engage in a battle for it. Clan Masters can declare attacks on neutral or enemy provinces once per day, and a corresponding number of battles are scheduled and take place accordingly.


There are four main resource points: Credits, Research Points, Free Tank Research Points and Gold.

-Credits are earned by participating in battles and the better you do during a battle, the more credits you earn. Credits are used to buy equipment, ammunition, tanks, and also for repairing damaged vehicles.
-Research Points are used to unlock new equipment and tanks in the tech tree. It can be used only on the current tank.
-Free Tank Research Points function the same way as Research Points, except they can be used on any tank.
-Gold is probably the most fluid resource. It is like money where it can be used to exchange with other stuffs. Gold is bought with real money, meaning you'll need to pay for it probably using Paypal, your credit card or something similar.


Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor (CPU): 2.2 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7
Videocard: GeForce 6800GT with 256 MB of RAM / ATI X800 with 256 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard disk space: 3.5 GB
Internet connection speed: 128 Kbps

Website: World of Tanks

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World of Tanks game

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70 Comentarios de World of Tanks

  1. Val

    Oh Jesus – trailer is awesome!

  2. Juanjo de Goya

    I agree. =)

  3. annonamous

    This game mirrors World of Warcraft on many levels.

    Just like most every mmog before it, it is incredibly grindy, and is projected to be worse come release unless you are willing to pay real-life money for in-game money.

    Tank balance is absolutely terrible, just like World of Warcraft everything is centered around a rock-beats-scissors mechanic.

    So, if sitting down to work(grind), and be subjected to unbalance on a monumental scale is your idea of entertainment – This game is for you.

    Although this game is only in a closed beta stage, release is rite around the corner, and combined with previous games like world of warcraft (7-8 years old) whom never got any sense of balance implemented, it is safe to say this game won’t be all that different from what we are seeing now.

  4. sabutu

    Actually, I’ve been playing this game sine beta in eu, and found there to be good balance.
    Each tank has a role, and if you want the heavies you should have to play lots to deserve them since you are the anchor of a team; you should have lots of xp.
    As for rock paper scissors…yes and no, as I said, each tank has a role, but even light tanks (scouts) can inflict damage if played skillfully.
    An excellent game overall, if you haven’t tried it you should. the price is right after all!

  5. Paulus

    Ive been playing since the RU beta.The current server test is based in the USA. It’s a promising game but has a glaring fault that the developers seem totally blind to , Despite the depth of feeling the majority of testers have shown.
    In a word SPG’s.
    They are vastly overpowered and change the mechanics of the game in a very bad way.

    Other than that a very very good game.

  6. Hellawk54

    I would say that the game has been well designed when it comes to game-play and aesthetics. It is not entirely fair to say it has a purely rock paper scissors mechanic. Every tank is capable of inflicting damage on another. For example a Light or Medium tank may not be able to annihilate a larger tank, but it can knock out tread, catch the engine on fire, rupture fuel tanks, or blow up the ammo rack. So no it’s not easy, but working as a team and learning how to play your specific tank make any vehicle in this game a threat. Yes SPG’s do damage at long range. It makes you change your strategy. Maybe you have to hug a mountain side or a stretch of buildings. The game is well devised as is, just tweak your strategy and how you outfit your tank. If they start tweaking to reduce damage and so on and so forth, they will run into problems.

  7. avaxell

    I have been playing this for a few months now, and I don’t agree with Paulus that the SPG’s are vastly overpowered. Just think about what SPG’s (Self-Propelled-Guns) are supposed to be… they are artillery, and artillery is supposed to be long range and powerful enough to kill most tanks in one shot, so it makes perfect sense that they are so powerful. And the power they have is balanced with slow aiming and very slow reload time.

  8. Riggse

    Seriously disappointing game to say the least, I will give it some credit and say its mildly entertaining in the beginning…but for anyone who likes a game with some content….this one lacks any at all, its repetitive and the outcome of the games is solely dependant on team play. With no communication and not any way to chat with yur team mates…there holds little hope that a team can work together enough to offer a win. And on top of that the language is everything but U.S. English, which makes it even more difficult to figure out who is going where. Thank god it’s free, god help who ever pays to play such a horrid game. At some point perhaps I’m sure FB will pick it up and give it a proper home

  9. hellkitchen

    This is not about how the experience ingame was. This is more about how does the service desk / moderators of there forums operate.

    To be honest I have no words for it and no it is absolutely not because they are so awesome good. It’s the opposite of that…

    When ever there is maintenance there are users crying etc etc. So I type a famous sentence from an Australian comic called Chopper Reid. I will not type this sentence in here because I do not know if it’s allowed on this forum. Instead of the F-word I mix the characters a bit and use that instead of the F-word. I receive a so called convo (email on and with forum support) that I am using swear words. I never typed the F-word as how it’s spelled.

    I think to myself this is over reacted. So I reply to the “super moderator” and say that his actions make him nothing but a forum troll. Pats – BOEM – OINK I go from 3 days read-only access to 14 days of read-only access. A new reply from me explaining what I did and that the F-word mixed characters was used deliberately instead of the right notation of the F-word. That was not true was there opinion. It was swearing they said…

    As you already understand I did not accept that.

    The “super moderator” writes:”…you obey / follow our rules or your not the person we want in this game…”

    I dare him to ban me. He/she/it invites somebody to the ‘convo’ after asking several times he/she/it finally admits he/she/it invited a superior admin (according to them head of customer service of WoT. I check out the person and it seems they are personal friends in the game. So there is reason enough to argument that his/her/it opinion is heavy biassed. They start to put the pressure on me that I will loose my account and won’t be able to play it. I should stop now or they have no choice to ban me.

    Suddenly I see a big ray of golden light shine on my head and I receive a divine idea…

    I start begging them for terminating my account / suspending it as they call it. The idea behind it is short and logical. I do not want to associate with WoT in any way nor for any reason.

    WoT does not stand for World of Tanks; WoT means in my book Well over the Top.


    – WoT is very proud to be seen as a global game. It isn’t.
    – WoT thinks that they can dictate everybody out there.
    – WoT say they have a high and independent end-user desk that is end-user friendly. Believe me they are not.

    I could go on and on about it but I reckon you all get my drift. For the ones that do not believe me I have the whole conversation / mail exchange. I can prove what I wrote.

  10. anon

    30 v 30? Not on the EU server, it’s only 15 v 15 atm.

  11. Kramer

    The mod staff are indeed more than a little powermad. I was banned for 72 hours for accidentally damaging a friendly tank that drove in front of me as I was shooting at an enemy tank. There is a reason to ban people who are intentionally hunting down their own teammates. It’s incredibly annoying. I’ve played games where a single player wiped out three or four of his own team’s tanks. They deserve to be banned. Getting banned for accidentally shooting a player who crosses the trajectory of your shell as you’re firing is a bit heinous. A free game is a free game, but until the mods learn what is worthy of a ban (and at this point it seems to be most everything) I would avoid investing too much time or money in World of Tanks.

  12. Zach

    Sure, it’s grindy, but no more grindy than your average popular MMOG. And, it’s not always about getting to the top of the tech tree. Though it seriously takes time to get from A-20 to T-34 to T-34-85, the gameplay aspects are very appealing to those who are interested in the tactics and/or vehicles that you use, and won’t mind waiting. If you enjoy the game you won’t mind getting blown to smitherines in two hits by a tank destroyer that you can’t even see. This isn’t rare, though you can get the csame vehicle eventually. In short, you’ll eventually get somewhere if you invest time into it.

  13. Another anonymous

    The game is incredibly grindy, but like other people posted, it’s a team game, so it’s not about PVE grind or economical character design. The grind is partly so every tank has multiple configurations and off course to pay server fees if you can’t be bothered to grind for ever. The RPS is overstated too. An arty can point blank kill tanks, even mediums. A TD can sometimes kill a tank close range even without a turret. Small tanks can gang up and use premium shells or plain old HE to soften up heavies.

    And unlike WoW, the map choices for PVP is pretty large with many different tactical styles (urban, woods, rolling hills, cliffs, river crossings, etc.. There’s also a great deal of skill, both tactical and FPS in the game, so the game is really not like WoW.

    The gameplay is highly tactical, carefully selecting your FPS shots, about using cover and terrain so you aren’t always seen, about shooting and moving so if you are seen you at least try to not to be where the artillery strike lands.

  14. BlackWolf

    I am from the first generation of Closed Beta Testers and I advise anyone considering of playing this game to keep in mind the following:
    -dev bias towards russian tanks ( was non-existent at the start of the CBT, was funny close to the end of the CBT, is fully visible and completely impossible close to the end of the OB);
    -community fanboism, I’ve seen worse bouts of rationalization only on 4chan with people avidly trashing anyone who has the neutrality to state one thing is broken or the complete and utter lack of developer transparency and flexibility (when they decide something it stays like that regardless and most of their decisions nowadays are completely misinformed, they go by the win/loss ratio, DPM, etc without taking into account actual games played with any one vehicle which has led to predictable decisions on their part);
    -moderator bias which is compounded by the fact that there is no way of hearing your side of the story, you are singled out and told to shut up depending on how the mod feels like it (and they also have a habit of tacking on flaky other offenses to get you up to the point at which they can assign you the pre-post moderation which is effectively a gag order);
    -tank historical data is forsaken for the sake of balance only when suitable for gameplay (which is a slippery slope the devs have took a royal tumble off of).

    If you like russian tanks to the exclusion of all others this game is for you, if however you’d like to play multiple nations at once… prepare to play allot of russian.

    Overall game rating (10 months of experience with the game): 4/10.

  15. Wesley B

    Well of COURSE SPGs have tons of power. In the war there were few SPGs, but they usually knocked out a tank in 1 or 2 shots exsactly BECAUSE of their heavy cannon. They do have drawbacks though. Even a light tank can defeat it when it gets close enough. As to russian bias, i never notice it, I mostly notice a LOT of german tanks.

  16. aceTANKER

    I’ve been playing since open beta and for a free game I give it 5 stars.

    I just finished a WOT fansite. It contains graphical charts and data on every gun and tank in the game. It helps players quickly size up enemy AFVs.

    I hope you guys find it useful.

    Happy Tanking!

  17. Manny

    Great game, but atrocious customer service and tech support.

  18. mark

    Been playing for several weeks – and as a free to play I’d say it’s definitely worth a go. It’s a very easy game to jump straight into – you can be up and running within a few minutes – and you don’t have to put up with idiots prancing and dancing in their latest kit :).

    I’d say a previous comment about the mods has some foundation (although not to the extent mentioned).

    There are a few problems though – the bias toward Russian tanks is very obvious – and it shows in the matchups. Typically they will be very Russian heavy. It would be interesting to see the statistics they have for what nations tanks are played at higher tiers – and how often. I suspect the information is not available, but perhaps I’m being cynical – it’d be very easy for them to collate.

    Game balance is also an issue, with light tanks being quite frankly a waste of time at higher levels, at least in terms of incentive to play and rewards(and I’m well aware of their “role”). Typically you can play a 15 minute game as a scout and get as much experience and credits as you can by suicide scouting in 90 seconds and then jumping into another tank. Big slow heavy tanks dominate – which I guess suits the game devs – it’s a lot easier to pay to get to these levels – but makes for horribly boring “camping” games, where no-one moves – and if they do, and they’re not “heavies”, they die.

    Having said that, this game is GREAT fun at the lower tiers, and I’d advise anyone to give it a try – BUT to get a grip of themselves (it is initially very addictive) and DO NOT pump money in to get a quick result – game balance really is an issue here, and you may well end up regreting it. The game is heavily tilted to large tanks, which can be very frustrating at times – the only option, of course, being to head that way yourself, regardless of personal preference.

  19. Sig

    Since the patch this game is utter garbage. The support has evaporated and the game is all but unplayable due to the lag.

    The mods are out in full force to squash any negative thread and ban anyone who tries to talk about it in open chat.

    Premium players have opened ticket after ticket only to be told that the game is “fine”, which is like the Captain of the Titanic saying the boat is fine or Custer saying there aren’t any Indians.

    Don’t even bother with this game until version 6.8 at the minimum. There are growing pains with any new launch, but this feels like your playing it over a 24 baud modem.

  20. sparta1

    The beta was very fun and game play enjoyable. In the live environment customer support is poor. Buying gold was easy (taking your money) but getting it into my account was difficult. Trying to get support from their financial support department was a nightmare.
    Not a recommended experience for a micro transaction dependent.

    Play free if you like but I do not suggest buying gold.

  21. mauri

    il giocho e bello unica cosa ce io dopo ver fatto piu di 10 millia partine sul server russo ! ma oggi vuolta che contatto il saport online non risponde mail corretamente . e il moderatory sul chiat sembra prepotenti ! prendono con te sempre se anche rispetti tutti puncto del acordo di licencia prendono con te le sanzioni !!! vi consiglio di pensere prima di giocare!!!

  22. Lance

    I have been playing for a couple of weeks, and this is an enjoyable game. The mechanics are easy to learn, and play is fast. However, I agree with complaints about the game being repetitive and play balance being off. If you play for even an hour you will find yourself repeating the same maps, and it does get tiresome in that sometimes you have to play dozens (or hundreds) of games to earn enough experience to upgrade your vehicle. I find play balance terrible at the mid-levels where you are consistently thrown in against tanks much better than yours. Expect to be fodder for more experienced players for quite some time in this game. One real issue is that the game design does not make teamwork easy in a game where teamwork is essential. The only way to communicate is via a chat channel that is awfully difficult to use when you need both hands to drive your tank. The game is FTP, but you’ll find yourself moving awfully slowly if you are unwilling to invest at least some money, and a clever player can game the rules to “buy their way up” if you enjoy that sort of thing.
    This game would be much more enjoyable if the play balancing kept tanks within one or two tiers of each-other. The game could also use some scenarios that go beyond the simple “capture the flag” environment. Personally I would enjoy having an option for “re-spawn” games, since you have to sit around and wait for a scenario to end after you have been killed, and it can be quite slow if you die early. Overall if you want a fast, tactical MMO game along the lines of Counterstrike, you’ll probably enjoy this game. I hope that it gets better with development and addresses some of the more glaring issues that tend to turn players off after they make it through the first couple of tiers of tanks.

  23. WoT Paying Customer

    Game has potential but the moderators and admins don’t care about the paying customer, they will take brutally oppressive action against one who pays good money while allowing freeloading kids to troll and harass them. Recommend that you take your money elsewhere as the mods are oppressive Nazi’s.

    That with the broken match making system that put together horribly unbalanced games I’d definitely NOT recommend this game to anyone.

  24. J. Stalin

    After a few weeks of playing this game I believe the name should have been ” World of Russian Tanks ” History has shown us that Germany produced the best most sophisticated armor of the second world war. They just couldn’t produce enough of them. On the other hand Russian armor suffered for a lack of adequate radios and inferior optics. This is hardly modeled in the game. This web site ( tries to convince the reader that Russian ordnance was superior to that of the German
    ” Penetration

    Before we move into the mechanics, a bit of explanation about the penetration values used in World of Tanks. Germans and Russians tested their guns in different manners. Both used different armor, armor densities, and angle of attack. Also, the Russians required a higher standard of guaranteed shell penetration. Here is what Overlord says about penetration values.
    ”{Abbreviations expanded and spelling corrected}
    “In-game, we use the Soviet penetration system with 0 (90) degree armor slope and 75% guaranteed shell penetration (which is more than the 50% guaranteed penetration used in German penetration system). That’s why German guns have, as you say, deflated stats in-game.”
    75% guaranteed shell penetration is defined as “75% of shell splinters behind the test target”.
    “The way we calculate pen data for German guns is the following:”
    German penetration data – 30 degree penetration data (the most common) is converted into 0 degree German penetration data.
    0 degree German penetration data is converted into Soviet 0 degree data.
    the outcome is usually quite close to 30 degree German penetration data.
    This means: in general, German 30 degree armor slope penetration data is equal to 0 degree Soviet penetration data (because of guaranteed penetration gap).
    The main difference lies in guaranteed penetration coefficients, which are lower in German systems.
    NOTE: There are also a few minor game balancing tweaks, so not every conversion is perfect.
    NOTE: The collision model to calculate hits is a simplified version of the tank, so its possible there are some superficial areas where a shell can pass right through without hitting anything.
    Update: Wargaming should breakdown how they converted from other nation’s penetration tests to the game standard on the forums at some point.
    Penetration Mechanics
    Once you have hit the enemy, the game then calculates where the shot hit the enemy, at what angle you struck the armor, the effective thickness of the armor (based on the angle), speed, width, and weight of the shell, whether you penetrated the armor, and if so, what was in the path of your shell after striking the armor. A shell can indeed pass clean through a tank.
    Note that shell speed falls with distance traveled and thus, AP ammunition can get significant reductions in penetration when firing at distant targets. HE ammunition penetration is not affected by distance.
    At 100m – gun has 100% penetration (+/- 25% random)
    At 500m – approx -20% to -25% to it’s penetration value (varies based on the exit velocity of the shell from the gun).
    With distance, from 100m to 500m, penetration degrades linearly.
    If all the above was not enough to calculate, Penetration value varies every time you fire your gun. This variation can be up to a 25% plus or minus penetration value and is based on a Gaussian (normal) distribution curve. Shell Damage also varies in the same manner.
    Shell Normalization
    When a shell hits armor, and if it does not bounce/ricochet, it will dig in and try to penetrate at a 90 degree angle. Typically, it only increases the angle of attack by about 10 degrees.
    Overmatch — Shell Size
    In WOT, overmatch is currently modeled so that when the caliber of the weapon is 3 times greater than the thickness of the armor, than overmatch (no chance to ricochet) occurs.
    Overmatch — Penetration
    Wot adds an additional version over overmatch based upon when the shell’s penetration is more than 2 times greater than the thickness of the armor. When this occurs, shell normalization is increased by an undisclosed amount.

    Chewie, on the WoT forums, made a good post about penetration. ”
    Regardless of the bull crap indicated above, history has clearly shown us that Russian tanks did NOT out perform their German counter-parts but simply out produced them. Artillery in the game is stupid. It totally dominates the game and makes tank to tank fighting nearly impossible on most maps. The maps are not large enough for 30 tanks to be fighting it out. Working your way through the research tree is useless. It takes many hours of playing to gain enough experience to research your higher tiered tanks; at which time it become more difficult to earn the credits to purchase upgrades and newer tanks. It is very easy to lose credits to expensive repairs and ammunition at anything past tier 7 armor. BUT… If you have purchased about $35 worth of Gold then you can buy a tier 8 tank that costs almost nothing to use; Making this a Pay-to-win game. It is clear from the domination of the Russian tanks in the game that there was, if not a little bias, then surely a LOT of disinformation. Lets remember who wrote the Russian history books. Stalin, and NO one was going to tell him he was wrong. Anyone he thought that would never lived to tell him.

  25. Daisai

    This is one awfull review.
    Sounds more like a website trying to sell this game.

    The gameplay is average due to unbalanced gameplay.
    The grahpics arent that top notch, more average for now.

    Also since is a russian publisher it seems they favor the russian tanks alot more then any other.

    For example they placed a tank called the IS-7 in the game, a tank which isnt even from the 2nd world war.

    Lately they placed the m46 patton in the game, the only reason why they did this is to justify to have a other tank in a other faction which also isnt from the 2nd world war.

    The gameplay is further more ruined by very poor matchmaking.
    The game is spread by tiers, the higher the tier the better your tank.

    It happens to often that you as a low ( tier 4 ) come across a tank which is of such a high tier ( tier 9 ) that you basicly cant do anything about it.
    They have this thing called “scouts” which add absolute nothing to the game apart from filling a spot which could have been given to a more usefull tank.
    For example a heavy tank or a medium tank since mediums are way better in scouting then light tanks.

    Overall this game is way below average and far from being good.
    The graphics arent all that great neither is the gameplay, the only good thing about it is that its free.
    However after reaching a higher tier ( tier8+) you basicly need to have a premium account (which costs money) in order to keep playing.

    Then we have to review it also as a game you pay for and then ill give it a 4 out of 10.

  26. blossom

    If anyone reads this dont waste any money on this game, play as a free game, becasue the MATCHMAKING is the worst in any game anyone has ever played!

    It would be like a lvl 85 BG put they stick level 1s in. Yep as bad as that, enjoy getting out tiered in 1 in 8 matches and getting one shotted.

  27. Cguz

    The game is basically pay to win.

    If you dont pay their ridiculous price for gold (20 euros a month or so) you will suffer. Massive grindfest,and be prepared to get 1 shotted while youa re not able to do a scratch to your opponents during the first days because of the atrocious matchmaking system.


  28. Africanus

    I like the game. The tier system for combat seems a little difficult. If your not good at your tank you will suffer, rushers tend to die. But, all in all, it is a very fun FPS tank game.

  29. Whocares

    I honestly haven’t seen this whole “world of russian tanks” thing yet. i’ve seen an entirely russian team get crushed by a team with only one russian tank on it. the gameplay is smooth, i just have a complaint about a graphical error in which tanks are invisible… could be lag. doesn’t always happen though. For the mere price of free, it’s a good game. couldn’t care less about the devs… this is about gameplay, not powermad peoples that want to crush all who oppose them…

  30. Leon

    To those of you saying the game sucks because of this and that and blah blah blah, you must remember that it’s free AND it’s only been out for a year or so. It took games like EVE and WoW several years and THOUSANDS of paying customers to get where they are today. Give the game some time, and it will become better than it already is. And to me, it’s great already.

  31. Khungfachst

    Great game, very poor customer service. Megalomaniac “moderators” dishing out chat bans left, right and center for sneezing in the wrong direction. It kinda cripples that game as you’re unable to communicate with your team-mates or even ping the map. Don’t go premium, “chat” is for the moderators only – do not partake!

  32. Jediron

    @wesley B: Artillery in general was far from super effective against tanks. When artillery was so effective as you seem to think it is; why were there so many AT-gun’s too ? All nations used many many field AT-guns to stop the advancing tanks, At-guns were the most important weapon to stop the tanks. Now, if artillery was indeed so powerfull as you suggest, the need for at-guns would not be there. But history tells us, they produced tenthousands, if not hunfredthousands of… Anti Tank Guns!

  33. Jediron

    The game could be great. But with this weird tier system, OP arty and arcade driving armor its more like a cheap shooter then anything else. And yes, i played 8000 battles sofar, while i love tanks in general. The gameplay however, does not amuse me very much. I rather play Unreal tournement, atleast then everyone have equal chances. The difference between a Tiger and a IS-4/7 etc. is huge; while both are Heavy tanks. IOW: in WOT you are forced to play a tank in a role, it never was builded for! Now, that alone pisses me off. This have nothing to do with “any tank have a different role”, but all with “any tank MUST perform different roles, because this is WOT”….

  34. James

    I have played this game off and on for the past year. Why did I stop? The game is absolutely HORRIBLE! Why? Because of your team mates. You either get a really good team, or a really bad team. Your team mates don’t seem to care whether they win or lose. Premium tanks is a horrible idea! Why? They obviously give the person using it an unfair advantage, and it wouldn’t be so bad if their so called ‘Match Making’ or ‘MM’ for short, was fair. The majority of the time you are faced with tanks that are 2+ tiers ahead of you meaning that you have NO WAY IN HELL of defending yourself against them. I am now going to uninstall it and await the next big patch, months from now. As is, this game is NOT worth paying for or downloading. I recommend waiting a few months and then BEFORE downloading, read A LOT of reviews. Most of these reviews are from people who played it for a day or two. MOST, not all…

  35. toto

    Forget this game, it’s a DISASTER! Matching system is broken and you always end up with tanks 2-3 even 4 over you. You have no chance of hurting them because if you don’t penetrate their armor you do no damage to them.

    Sometime you get a balanced game, but 4/5 matches are unbalanced. It’s like a WoW lv70 fighting against a lv85

  36. supercow

    The game is quite enjoyable, imo.

    The balance seems to be pretty solid. Most players I have looked up (myself included), seem to average about 50% win/loss. Which is testament to how well balanced the game is.
    I did throw about 60 euros in, which is about the same I would pay for a new PC or console game which covers premium for quote a while and alleviates a lot of the grind.

    The different types of vehicle categories and number of tanks (over 150), provide a lot of variation in how to play.
    You can stick to the fast paced low tier games if you like, or progress upwards towards Tier 10 where you have more measured careful games.

    Artillery can be a pain if you are reckless. If you are careful and use cover, it is not as devastating as people say.

    Overall it is an enjoyable game I would probably give 7/10.

  37. John

    Terribly inaccurate review

    This is NOT a tank sim… it is an arcade shooter using tanks

    This is NOT an RPG… it is a grindfest to get out of small tanks into large tanks

    This is NOT a team game… you are out with 14 random guys all looking out for their stats

    The forum mods think they a nazi guards… anything not towing the company line will be locked, deleted and the poster will be banned.

    The game is broken, spotting mechanics fail miserably and the match making system is beyond ridiculous putting you in games that you cannot do any damage to 14 or the 15 tanks on the other team at a rate of about 65% of the time…. unless you shell out $40+ (yes that is over forty) worth of cash to buy a tier 8 premium tanks. Then they give your premium tank a nice placing in their match making system and feed you tier 5 tanks that cannot hurt you.

  38. Vito

    Inaccurate review…

    Beyond the first 2-3 tiers the game is unplayable. Artillery is overpowered and over accurate. The game has a lot of bugs with the view system and collision detection with shells passing beyond buildings and or hitting a tank and doing 0 damage.

    Match system is spread across 4-5 tank tiers with the top 3-4 tanks able to kill anyone on the spot and the bottom 6-7 tanks unable to hurt them. Completely unplayable

  39. Boston

    Played this game for the last month. Did the premium account, bought gold, etc. finally after a month I purchased a Tiger P tank. To my amazement I was fighting Is-7s or tanks that would one shot me and I couldn’t do ant damage.

    I think the game is fun in the first few tanks, but after that the massive Russian bias is evident. Russian tanks have superior firepower, armor and speed in every catagory. So if your fighting tanks at your level and your not Russian your at a massive disadvantage. But it’s still playable. The problem two in three matches you face tanks that are more advanced than yours AND they are almost always Russian so it’s a waste of time. Last point is its a massive grindfest, for example I get about 200-300xp per 15 minute battle and to upgrade my tiger to a gun that can do damage to tanks in my tier or a tier below I need 28,000xp. Then to upgrade to another tank that is pointless against Russian tanks is 100,000xp. I gave up today.

    1. Russian tanks are superior in EVERY way to the point 4 German tanks are equivalent to one Russian.
    2. You are matched 2 out of 3 times in battles you are completely out geared, for example I’m always fighting post war tanks.

    Game is fun but as developers are Russian it’s obvious why there is a massive chasm of bias to use Russian tanks.

  40. Funk

    If you fail at life I suppose you can always Pay 2 Win in a video game!

  41. Freak

    Been playing this game for a good few months and I’m finally giving up. I kept at it and ground my way through the Tiers to get my desired dream tank, the Panther only to discover that it was woefully inadequate against what it was being thrown at. I was in matches against IS-3s that I couldn’t even scratch the paint on with the standard gun.

    After upgrading the gun and other components I found I could occasionally do a whole 2% damage if I got lucky on the front and maybe 10% with a pointblank shot to the rear, after which I lost 50% from the return shot.

    Basically, the game balance is the worst I have ever experienced, the Tanks are not stat-ed correctly, crew quality takes forever to improve for marginal effect and the paying customers have all the advantages.

    Even though it was free, I still feel cheated.

    Personally I would recommend staying the hell away from this and never playing it in the first place, you will only be disappointed and I’d stay away from the planned spin-offs too.

  42. World Of Tanker

    World Of Tanks: The Best Game I’ve Played
    Graphics: Intense, Extreme, Mind-bogglingly Realistic
    Realistic: Yes, very detailed
    OS: Win XP or higher
    Long-term Interest: 3/5

    Overall, WOT is the best game EVER!

  43. Lamaswithats65

    I am really tired of all the people complaining about this game. It is not terrible, you just need to understand it. YES, there is loads of grinding, and YES the review up to is one-sided, but that IS NOT THE POINT. The average likelyhood of a one-sided battle if only about 1/5, which is reasonable for people who really care. while you someties do get oneshotted by arty or something, you just need to be cautious and watch your back. If your teammates suck, try to help them. They might just shape up. Being a layer of this game, I think it needs some work and YES the mods are terrible, but overall it is fun either for free or for $10-$30. Oh, and the graphics rock, unlike 1/3 of the people who think otherwise say. I give it a 7.5/10

  44. guguloi

    Aftre the patch 0.7.2 i think they messed up realy bat this wonderfull game.They cant explain why tanks despawn and become invisibel even you are on 50m from they,or why red screen aper in some casses in snipe mode,we can be stuck in a small rock and sit there like a dumb the entire round,or even why they protect so many dumbshit kids who messed up entire fun in game.But is a good game ,and maybe in the future they will find some skilled developers to do a great job and this game will be better rated after.Is hard to say is the best game ever,even i’m a player and i like verry much,they have to work more and harder to keep the game to a floating line…i can give him 7/10.

  45. Poppy

    Well what can I say that has not been said already
    It’s a swindle,it’s not a free game. you can keep 6 tanks, if u want more you have to buy space with real money, you can only sell 5 tanks a day meaning you have to buy more garage spaces, you also have to expand your barracks to keep the crew of a tank you sell or you loose there experience its taken forever to earn.
    Again if u spend real money you can have 100% trained crew from the moment you buy the tank.
    So you people that are saying it’s a great free game are blind or stupid there is no way of playing the game with out spending at least 20 euro just on your garage and barracks
    Match making is the worst I have seen on anny game ever so shocking
    So if you enjoy being blown to pieces buy a rich 14 year old fill your boots!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Truth

    Matchmaking – still broken. Invisitanks – still broken. 0% damaging, penetrating hits? Guess what? Still broken. Moving the cap bases and the spawn points does not equal new game modes. Nerfing German and American tanks + buffing the Russian tanks (again!) does not equal game balance. Introducing a new line of fictitious and OP French thingamies to part the gullible from their irl money (Look at the new shiney-shiney!) further dilutes any ‘historical’ theme. Yet more Pay To Win emphasis, now shifting to just Pay to Play with real money in game consumables being even more necessary, particularly for the German T9 players that their engine (at the back of the tank) can now be set on fire with a hit on their frontal armour. ‘Git chore real money repair kits while stock last!!!”

    Ambient bird noises on a battlefield, running water? GREAT PATCH! Its a battlefield, not a happy dragon quest world. Ambient = distant artillery or perhaps the noise of small-arms fire? Seriously, guys, where is the joined up thinking?

    And best of all 0.7.4 brings you the ‘Everygame Crash to Desktop’ or the ‘Just Plain-old Doesn’t Work At All’, and for a whole lot of players judging by the WoT Forum…

    Wot 0.7.4 = WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????!!!!

    …and as a previous commenter said – if you express an opinion that conflicts with that of the developers, if you don’t believe they are doing a wonderful job, a ban awaits you. While they WILL NOT listen to the voice of their community, they have certainly learned from Mr Stalin when it comes to purging ‘undesirables’.

  47. Jeff

    I have played WoT’s since Beta,

    I have loved the game for a long time, at times it would get repetative but I didnt lose interest! But now, with the release of 7.4 they have driven me away from the game! The player base as a whole is not happy with the release of new game modes that have been sprung on us and litterally forced on us to play….. The standard game mode we have been use to playing for the last 2 years only happens randomly about 10% of the time and the rest is filled with game modes that were not very well thought out and are not much fun! All in All WoT’s WAS a great game but they have release there NGE patch that may sink the ship if they dont get it fixed and start listening to there player base!

  48. Ashley Bolch

    Yes the matchmaking is ridiculously imbalanced. It is no fun to play against tiers 4 above your own or to be part of a team that is much less experienced than the opposition. I’ve played in many games where every other member of my team has been destroyed without making a single kill.
    I have no problem with commercial elements of this game as I find the most enjoyable part of WOT is to play with the lower tiers that are free.
    However if the developers have any real business sense, they will spend some of their profits on fixing the many bugs in their software and making the game a great deal more enjoyable by listening to the very genuine complaints of their clients.
    Chess would not have survived for over a thousand years if one player had only the pawns to play with.

  49. Paul

    Just to let people know what type of people you are dealing with. Over the past 6 months on 2 occasions, WOT has taken money from me for purchases of gold and I never received it. It shows on my credit card statement but I never got the gold. I contacted them and the online payment people they use and received only one e-mail, after that NOTHING.
    Be careful!

  50. Tim Hawkins

    Did I get a 24 hr ban? If so why don’t you inform me via email? I shot my team two times in two different matches, they were close to the enemy, it wasn’t on purpose, so lift the ban!

  51. Tim Hawkins

    Why is there even friendly fire in this game?

  52. taro

    Full of afk-ers and bots. If you want to ruin your mood try this game.

    Bottom line is: Game full of players that don’t know how to play and almost every match is garbage. Tier 9-10 slow tanks driving on hills. Medium tanks going head on against heavy tanks. Half your team is dead in less than 1 min.

    And since patch 8.0 you need a top gaming computer because they changed the graphics engine.

  53. Terreant

    After playing 4k battles I have to say, stay away from WoT. Once you grind/pay your way to the tier 9/10 tanks the game is ruined by tier 7/8 artillery.

    They completely dictate the outcome of any battle more then 3 per side are in. They splash damage of 600+ often, direct hits will be 1200+ to 2000+.

    WG themselves simply DO NOT CARE even tho the forums are livid with complaints, US and EU. If want to play and never spend a dime and stick with tier 1-7 then it can be fun.

    They should stop misleading people and rename the game World of Artillery (supported by various tanks)

  54. andrew

    i am sick of world of tanks cutting off on me in the middle of a game all for maintenance works it’s out of order the rest of the world play this game and we should put a stop to a this shit like blocking maintenance works during a game

  55. Robert

    This game is lame pure and Simple..It keeps screwing with everything positive with the game every patch.Its inconsistant in every field of game play ,from team matchup to repair times on tanks. to bounced shells and ricochets damage to tanks with no armor are less then tanks with double the armor . Nothing in this game is positive in a cosistant way, except the effective stealing of peoples money. And even that ive heard more horror storys on how guys have paid for gold to buy stuff with and never get it.
    Myself I have been playing it since the very beginning and it was better then . now most players are just little kids theres no experiance rating you get what you get and the outcome is always terrible. So my rating on this game would 2 out of 10..And Ill bet if anyone came up with another tank game that had some structure to it ,would totally take over there business..Think about it people are paying for shit now imagine if you came up with simular game and idea only with structure and equal teams and based on achivements is how you get up in the game . Would sell like Gold
    Anyway playing this game has become to frustrating to enjoy Im about done with it. Good luck

  56. shane

    been playing this since closed beta,and have seen the russian bias get worse with every patch,for instance german tanks are made larger for historical reasons ,but are never given historical armor,speed or firepower,while russain tanks are smaller ,and faster then they actually were.

    too many non damage shots on russian tanks in this gam ,especially if you are driving a german tank,american ,and british tanks ahve been nerfed to near useless ness,frech tanks with the auto loaders are total bs,and my biggest complaint with this game is they claima balance balance balance,but there is no balance when a tier 8 medium tank has as many or more hitpoints as a teir 8 heavy while having considerably less armor.

    with this latest patch the new scheme is too make super fast light tanks,with hardly any armor, but yet give it a gun abale to pen hevies,and enough hit points to take 2 shots if they dont bounch off form a tier 8 heavy.

    the bias in this game has gotten to the point that i have been keeping track ,and the german tree is now so bad that the team that has the most german armor on it will now lose 75% of the time.

    and as stated before this games forum is a nightmare kids trolling without any response by the devs unless it is a neg report on the game,and the obvious flaws in it.

    2 years of this,and beleive me it is still just a grinding rage fest of fail,and with every patch as of late it has become nothing more then the new shiny tank of the month,which by the way is overpowered at first to get players to spend real cash to convert xp to buy them then in the following patch gets nerfed badly for so called game balance,yes these devs are really good at the old bait ,and switch ,do your self a favor save your money,and wait for a game that is actually balanced ,and non biased as this one has certainly turned out to be

  57. shane

    one more thing i forgot to add,most all other tanks in this game except the german tree has different weakspots for each model,however all german tanks,no matter what tier,are all given the exact same weakness,lower front plate,so good luck keeping your strongest armor which they claim is the front of any tank towards the enemy,any gun tier 5 and up can pen the lower front of any german tank,balance they say i think not

  58. Mike

    It’s interesting that many of you don’t acknowledge the fact that the game is free and constantly improving. Match Making is damn near impossible to solve, unless you limit games to just your own tier? Even if you said One above and one below (e.g a Tier V game would have Tier IV and VI to fight each other would still result in a fair degree of variance with 2 tiers difference which as we all know is pretty big). I don’t think MM is superbad, but it will always be flawed unless it takes into account your stats.

    I would like to put on record that German Tanks aren’t bad, but between tiers 6-8 they have woefully underpowered guns. I would like to see the AMX’s get a nerf to their Penn/damage though they can keep the autoloader. Some of the higher Russkie Tanks are a bit over the top.

  59. Robert

    Well I tend to agree with Shane , The German tanks always take the brunt of all nerfing as you call it. I see French tanks with half the armor of other tanks Take a shot in the side from A jagE100 , for most heavy tanks and almost all med tanks thats a track and a 1000 damage .for a batchat its 800 and he keeps moving .Now If were going to talk turkey that my friends is not historical Armor its BS. The game is so focused on getting Money and its only free if you want to play for a year before you get to a Tier 10 .
    The truth of the matter is its a poorly managed game from the Devs and the people that run it a Simple System to correct all the games evenly matched even with tier tanks 2 up 2 down in tiers , Is to base it on XP 1 to 5000 play with 1 to 5000 xp players 5000 to 10000xp play with there xp equals 10000 xp to 15000 xp playey with there xp players and So on And so on .This would encourage players to get better as you can stay in the 1 to 5000 range a long time if your hiding , AFK, Botting, Or just plain stupid ,Thasts equal Balance ..But thats never going to happen .This game will constantly be Frustrating and BS until Someone takes it awayfrom them or comes up with simular type game were Fair ia Fair .

  60. bleh

    matchmaking is messed up you get put into battles against higher tier tanks that you cannot even damage
    tanks disappear before your eyes and then u die

    it becomes impossible to play after tier7 tanks you simply cannot afford to play
    t8,9,10 tanks you will need to buy a premium account to afford to play it
    and it is recommended to buy 1 or more premium tanks that make money even if you lose, in fact these are essential just to keep up

    so unless you want to spend 10 times more than a normal install from DVD and play do not bother with this game it sucks like a storm drain

  61. Sad Tanker

    Play free, never give them REAL money. A problem with a gift shop over charge has escalated to having my account locked and me being robbed of considerable goods…… REMEMBER spend NO cash….
    Sad Tanker

  62. apothegm

    The concept of the game is great – you get to train your crew to fight in your tank against other tanks.

    That’s the only positive thing about this game. The rest are cons.


    – horrible matchmaker (the MM is rigged to give everyone, good and bad, an average win rate, so instead of evenly matching the tanks, you get some lop-sided matches and often are put into a fight where you’re outgunned by two tiers. The tier spread used to be MUCH worse, but WG is stubborn on making it better, so it’s still pretty bad. Often times, one team will steam-roll another, and very few times will you actually get a good game.)

    – constant nerfing/buffing (WG seems to not know what they’re doing with their game. Instead of releasing balanced tanks, they will release over-powered or under-powered tanks, and then after a flow of whining and complaints, they will finally buff/nerf the tanks in question. The problem with this is that you will NEVER have a stable version of WoT. Your favorite tank one patch may be the object of your hate another. One of the most notorious nerfs was to the Marder 2, which was a deadly tank in the hands of any decent player, then nerfed to oblivion. The game is not about balance, it is an arcade shooter that is evolving faster than the cold virus in order to compensate for the developers lack of know-how when it comes to making a game work.)

    – bias (WG, a company that is actually in Belarus, not Russia, is heavily biased towards the eastern bloc players. One only has to see the things they can purchase on their servers that is denied over and over again to NA servers. The deals on the Russian servers are actually deals, the deals on the NA servers are month-old left overs that are starting to make the fridge smell.)

    – RNG (this game requires little skill. Why? RNG. If you get a tank with deviation of more than .3 per 100m, you will miss some blatantly-obviously-rigged shots. I’m talking point-blank, in your face, less-than-a-percentile-of-the-cross-hairs-not-covering-the-tank shots as well. It wouldn’t be so bad, until you consider that this game is rigged. If you’re doing too good, MM and the RNG will bring you back down by force. No skill necessary, just lottery. Again, a lazy way of making the game work by people who have no idea on how to program a skill-based game.)

    – stat-pad central (it’s easy to tell who’s stat-padding and who isn’t, the biggest tip is when someone will say “CHECK MY STATS, BRO!” whenever the slightest possibility of any debate arises, doesn’t even have to be about the game. So, there’s a few ways to pad those stats, if you’re so inclined. The most obvious way is to join a clan and then proceed to inbreed. You only play your clan, or other like-minded clans. Never play in pubs. Sometimes, the clan will even designate who will get their stats padded and who won’t. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll eventually have that 80% w/r, then you’ll go into a pub match, do terrible, call everyone noob and loser, and then tell them “check my stats, iPro.” Another method is seal-clubbing – going into tier 1 fights as an experience and bored player, with your crew having five skills at 100-percent, your tank having all the hype modules and consumables, and then you kill 12 new players in your camo-decked Loltraktor. And then another method is just using an OP tank and nothing but an OP tank. The Marder 2 was the stat-padder-tank-of-choice before the nerf into oblivion.)

    If you read all of this, you have more patience than I, because I felt like giving up writing it at the first line, thinking of how horribly amateur this game is. The biggest upside is that it is improving, but at a rate slower than the American bureaucracy. Try it out for yourselves, but do us all a favor, don’t buy a tier 8 premium right away, and at least work your way up to a tier 6 heavy first.

  63. Boogers

    This game needs so much work. Its popularity is easily explained by one factor, it WAS the only game of its kind. Now with the release of War Thunder, World of Tanks is old garbage that is begging to be taken out. World of Tanks is what happens when a group of amateurs has a great idea and executes it horribly. Their popularity was slowly grinded (just like what you’ll be doing in this game) rather than suddenly acquired. Now that more games are coming out to fill this once-niche market, you’ll find World of Tanks fast fading and trying to copy other successful designer choices.

    Good riddance.

  64. shane

    since my last reveiw of this game i have been keeping track of certain matters that need serious attentin in this fail of a game,.

    i have played the german stug ,exclusevly for the past month and this is what i have seen.skill is absolutely of no value in this game,and for proof here is my report,i have been keeping track of both my ingame performance,and my number of wins to losses for this 1 td,guess what in a month of playing the number has not changed by even 1 match ,and here is why.

    i have played matchs ,wherei have gotten 9 kills out of a possiable 15 ,with several more damaged ,and still have lost ,why is this you say well the reason is simple,wot wants to keep all players at a close wl ratio skill dosent matter at all,for instance i have noticed i can win 3 to 4 matchs in a row by not doing anything at all,not even frie 1 shot,or even leave my base,then for the next 3 or 4 matchs i can play as hard as i want and have results like the aforementioned match and still lose the next 3 or 4 matchs,coincedence ,no it is the rng,and the mm that insures everyone stays equal,games where i have fired 16 shots with all 16 hitting enemy tanks of the same or lower tier,and do nothing but miss,and those that do hit,do nothing but bounch off,or do a non damaging penetration on the tank hit,and this will continue until you have lost the correct amount of games to equal it out again.

    so in closing for those of you thinking about dl and playing this and even worst spending rl cash on this game ask yourself first,would you like to play a game where skill matters how far you advance,or would you rather be the slave to a random numbers generator and be hled back with the masses,as you surley will be in world of advise keep looking for another game to play,unless you like grinding ,and you like feeling angry,this game breeeds both

  65. Not a WOT fan

    The above two comments are spot on. Through various methods of testing coupled with observation it’s clear that MM is rigged to balance out your stats. There is bias from the developers and they seem to show disdain for NA players.

    It’s a really fun game but match-maker destroys this game. As someone mentioned, you can not fire a shot and win all of those matches, or you can go and have 8 kills and still lose. The outcome of the battle is generally decided before the battle.

    It’s no coincidence that when XVM(a mod for the game that shows statistics including win chance) says you’re going to lose you do 90+% of the time.

    I am writing this after having lost about 15 consecutive matches after going on a tare last night. Your ability doesn’t effect the outcome of the game and I don’t want to play a game where I have to suffer in order to boost the stats/ego’s of less beings.

  66. Oakley For Sale

    Your sunglass-turbo charge Definitely makes the general sunglass concept So Exciting

  67. mwhitman187


  68. war thunder hack no survey

    Larry and Bud were seniors and claimed domain over the
    cabin, and Larry was Johnny’s brother. There were biological weapons used, and attacks made on defenseless towns that held strategic value. The living room could best be described as cluttered.

  69. Chas428

    In reference to the very first post, it has a world of warcraft feel, and even more after 8.11 was released. Firstly, they reconfigured maps to initiate more of a mob war (or fishfight) and less strategy. Secondly, as the game becomes more popular, younger and/or immature players are getting others banned because they don’t agree with others type of play. Thirdly, with the new changes, each tank’s responsibility, based on its capabilities, have disappwared (back to the mob battle type of thing). Lastly, the new matchup “engine” is so loopsided. One out of twenty games may be close, the rest 15-4, 15-2, etc. Then there’s the mods: many players have reported players for various reasons as a result of their win/loss percentage being too low. As far as game mechanics, unit training, grinding was acceptable (it only took a few games to be competitive, more if one uses gold to max the training immediately. On this point of training, because of the new battle matchups, the margin of getting killed without causing damage because of low training and an increased level of tanks in a battle (sometimes four levels above), less places to hide, and configurations to change the game to a fistfight, no strategy, I personally find the game unbearable at the moment.

  70. pfl.

    Don’t play this Game. Maybe it’s fun at the beginning, but if you advance you will notice that the MM is totally rigged.
    Wargaming ist Manipulating your Games und forces you to lose by a rigged Random-Number-Generator.
    This is NOT a game with skill, it’s a game controlled by Wargaming in despite you should get frustrated and buy some Premiumshells or after some time you’ll get some better RNG not to totally get out and to believe you where skilled…

    better play Armoured Warfare oder Warthunder.

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