Wargaming unveils development trees for World of Tanks

Wargaming.net gives insight into World of Tanks level-up and upgrade systems by unveiling an updated outline of American, German and Soviet tank fleets. The tech trees illustrate development options for each class of military hardware presented in the game and provide various research paths with sequences of models the player will have to acquire on the way to his “dream” tank. Final version of the development trees also includes a list of premium tanks and captured vehicles available for purchase.


In World of Tanks the player is not bound to a particular nation or class of vehicles and is free to explore the great diversity of machines moving up the tech trees choosing whatever branch he wants. The game offers a wide range of competitive PvP modes - varying from fast-paced deathmatches and historic missions to never-ending Global Campaign with epic clan warfare - to test combat performance of any tank in different conditions.
“In our game we are in a way trying to expand beyond the borders of real history by introducing some models of weaponry that were not mass-produced and existed only on paper or were used in a limited number of battles. Thus, we give our fans a chance to see what the war would have been like if it hadn’t been finished in 1945 or the evolution of tank-construction had gone in a different direction,” — says Victor Kislyi, producer of World of Tanks. “We hope that striking a good balance between prototype vehicles and vehicles that proved their worth on WWII battlegrounds will let us provide ultimate tank experience.”

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  1. Roma

    The trees look pretty organized and well-thought. Are the tanks gonna be just as realistic as their names?

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