Vindictus launches the second episode of its second season

Nexon has released the Second Episode for the second season of its action MMO Vindictus. The new content update brings a lot of new features including two new raids and a new minigame.

Below is a breakdown of what to expect from Season 2 Episode 2 Raids:

- Storyline: The battle against Iset approaches, and players must seize the opportunity to strike before her quest for power comes to fruition. Her personal guard Havan has also been resurrected and will oppose anyone who fails to bend to her will. There will be two new raids available for Twilight Desert. All players will be able to experience the new raid content from the mission board in Malina Docks.

- Iset: The Princess of the Desert - This is an eight-player raid that can be completed once per day. The raid progression for this battle is divided into a total of three unique phases designed to keep mercenaries of all levels on their toes.

- Haven: The Guardian - This is an eight-man raid that can be completed once per day. Havan guards Princess Iset ferociously, and he’d rather die than let the player harm her. He has multiple destructible body parts, so players will have to devise a strong strategy for each stage of the battle or their glory will be short lived.

- Charles Race - An expansion of an underground in Twilight Desert, Charles Race is a mini-game where the player weaves through various obstacles to race Charles the Excavator in reaching the goal. There’s a total of five rounds with the difficulty increasing after each round.

Source of information: Nexon press release


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