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DevCat Studios (nexon)




Vidictus is a realistic physics-based multiplayer action role-playing game that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat. The storyline, inspired by Celtic mythology, is slowly uncovered as players progress in the game. It uses a modified Source engine to enable actions like throwing, shattering, binding with chains, piercing with spears, and more. As characters take more damage in the game, their armor starts to disintegrate and fall off.

Players join a mercenary unit called, "Crimson Blades" to battle Fomors, or monsters in the hopes of reaching Erinn, the paradise promised by the goddess Morrighan.


In this world, there is but one moon, and it shines upon a wasteland where Fomors and beasts roam, hungry to tear flesh from bone. Not so in Erinn. In Erinn, there will be two moons, Eweca and Lateka, and they will shine with the brightness of the gods. There, no one will age or fall ill, and the land will be rich with b ountiful resources.

It is the dream of Erinn, the paradise promised in the Legend, which fuels humanity in these dark times. The people wait, as they have for countless generations, for the black-winged goddess to come and save them.


Action gameplay enabled by modified source engine
Using Valve’s source engine, Vindictus features environments that are both destructible and interactive. Blood spurts from enemies right where the player’s blade sliced. Enemies fall, only to become corpses which can be hoisted and brandished as sadistic weapons. As walls crumble and whole buildings topple, new toys in the battlefield emerge. With source engine physics and destructible interactive environments.

Dynamic and challening party play
Defeating bosses and clearing dungeons in Vindictus requires cooperation and strategy. While one player uses weapons like chain whips to pin giant bosses in place, the other party members sneak behind to attack or stand on the sidelines to cast healing spells to replenish everyone’s strength. Parties of up to four can enter dungeons together and dungeons vary for each Battle Quest ensuring players will never get bored. Raid parties can grow to as many as eight.

Innovative quest system
Vindictus offers engaging story quests that reveal the internal struggles of the non-player characters who inhabit the world of Vindictus. Battle Quests bring players to dungeons to complete mission objectives, bonus objectives, and challenging oaths of Honor that provide extra points. Players use those points to upgrade their character with their choice of numerous skills and spells which in turn unlock even more quests.

Gear crafting and customization
Players start the game as one of the three characters with basic articles of clothing. After the initial tutorial area, players can customize their character’s appearance, including hairstyle, facial shape, skin tone and more. As they progress through quests, players could obtain rare drops and craft one of hundreds of equipment items. Next, players can personalize newly crafted gear with stats and color via the Enchant and Dye systems. In the end, characters will be clad in gear that’s powerful, stylish and unique.

Free to play
Vindictus is free to download and free to play. With high quality graphics and gameplay never before seen in a free to play game.


Fiona is a balanced warrior who wields a sword and a shield. She values defense, so she uses her shield to protect herself during combat and the strikes strategically when enemies aren’t expecting it. She is able to wear heavy armor from the start and later learns to wear plate armor as well.

Lann specializes in dual-wielding weapons, especially swords. His attacks are speedy, and in the battlefield, enemies are left breathless at his seemingly non-stop whilrwind of slashes and thrusts. Because he relies on speed, Lann starts out wearing light armor. As he gets stronger, he learns how to wear heavy armor without impeding his quick movements.

Evie relies on her magic and alchemy abilities to support others during combat. She wields a staff and is weak when faced with enemies up close, but from a distance, she can summon powerful golems, revive allies and use ancient magic to perform devastating attacks. She starts out wearing cloth armor but, with time and effort, she can learn to wear light armor as well.

Karok is a giant warrior who wields a large pillar. No one else can use such a massive weapon. He is slower, but hits much harder. Karok's pillar can be swung around and thrown to attack. He can throw the pillar to hit distant enemies, and shift to bare-handed attacks to experience a whole new style of combat.

Lynn is a warrior who moves like a dancer and wields a deadly spear. Her stamina help her perform a variety of unique attacks. Thanks to her damage skills known as "Swift Assassin" and "Five Fingered Death", she is able to inflict massive damage.


CPU: Single core 2.4ghz
RAM: 512 mb or higher
Video card: geforce 5600 or higher
OS: Windows XP or higher
HDD Space: Over 5gb free space

Website: Vindictus

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18 Comentarios de Vindictus

  1. Darkness13

    I played this the in the open beta phase and into the full version. It is really NOT that good, and there is BARELY a story line. The game is based on senseless fighting and dungeons the ENTIRE time. This is purely battle this is barely an rpg. It is not for those seeking an rpg. The game has ONE town with about 10 – 15 npcs. If you want to play something like this with a story line, play a game called Mabinogi. It is made by the same company. Also Vindictus is the prequel to Mabinogi. With this in mind it is pointless to play this game. You learn nothing with no REAL goal. I say Mabinogi should take the spot of this game on every rankings list.

  2. May

    What business do you have, making comments about the game when you haven’t played it since beta?? sheeesh.

    Welcome to March 2011. There are now detailed storylines. Although certainly the game is mostly about fighting. But the character modelling, and the environment, and flexibility of gear, weapons, etc. are gorgeous! Plus since there’s no “camping”, players tend to usually be friendly and cooperative.

    This game is worth playing for a while just for pure eye-candy, but I enjoy playing it further because of the people, and even NPC characters in it.
    They also just added an expansion area for USA servers (finally!) so now there’s a small outside area, and a castle to visit. Gorgeous stuff.
    yes, the areas arent as big as some other games. But come on people this is 100% free!

  3. Mark

    Actually, there are two towns now, loads of npc and a very solid storyline. I played in the closed beta, and yes it was complete crap. It has come a long way though. I highly reccomend this game, it is alot of fun! Don’t go judging a game on its beta, its called a beta for a reason. graphics and interaction are simply amazing. My only downside that i can say about this game, is that slow computers dont stand a chance. i have an average computer with good internet connection, and i have to play on the lowest graphic setting to avoid lag. It still looks amazing on low graphics though.

  4. Alex

    Mabinogi? HA. i play both mabinogi and vindictus, and mabinogi is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar faaaaaaar away from being the best free to play. If you wanna actually enjoy the game you have to spend like 40 dollars a month, thats almost twice as WoW and Rift and both those games are a million times better than mabinogi. Vindictus however is completely free to play, and unlike mabinogi, when theres a problem in vindictus, they actually fix it. and in vindictus the only thing you’re gonna spend money on is charecter customization, which doesn’t give you a boost in stats, so people who spend money on the game are not gonna end up being better than people who don’t. Mabinogi is far from being better than vindictus, and its what like 6 years older than vindictus? LOL yeah good luck with that.

  5. kidd

    yeah, i’ve tried alot of nexon’s free-to-play games and for the most part, i’ve gotta give it to Vindictus. I was even on it earlier and there were problems with the new patch, they got fixed within the hour.

    Mabinogi was fun for a while, but it wasn’t to my suiting like Vindictus is. Now i only play this and Dungeon fighter, and i’m about to delete dungeon fighter.

  6. Marcus

    Honestly, alex, you’re completely right. I’ve been playing mabinogi ever since it came out in 2004, and when I played vindictus, I understood how terrible mabinogi was. People tried giving it a good name calling it “one of a kind” but it still remained in the shadowy part of NEXON, while vindictus was like the savior of NEXON. Vindictus is the first decent game made by NEXON

  7. Jason

    absolutely beautiful game looking for a fast pace type game and just log in and have a quick owning of monsters and stuff this is a really nice fast pace game .

    downside it crashes too much.

  8. The One

    This game is EXCELLENT! Hell it’s better than some P2P games. I highly recommend this game, you will not regret it!

  9. Phantom

    I’m downloading this game now, and I have to say I’m quite excited. I’ve been reading up on it, watched a couple of videos, etc, and it looks pretty unique. Most of the MMOs I’ve played follow the original planned MMORPG interface, the skills, spells, mounts and just that sort of gameplay. This looks a lot different, which makes me happy. 🙂

    I have a question though. As mentioned above, someone said that there’s only two towns, and I’m a little confused. Are they big towns? I can’t really imagine a game limited to such a small space. Can someone please clear this up for me?


  10. NomNomNom

    Phantom, consider the town a big lobby area. There’s not much to do but to craft and chill with friends. There’s stores and buildings needed for quests, but ur gonna b spending most of ur time fighting not being a tailor while there’s a war going on. If ur in a big guild, ull actually find the town very entertaining. This is a great game with a huge potential.

  11. Kaden

    Honestly, Vindictus is a decent game. The only issues I have with it is that the servers are very finicky when it comes to connecting to quests and grouping. It crashes a lot and is generally pretty slow with menus… especially the marketplace. Missions are highly repetitive so far, and it just seems like a huge grindfest with little investment in crafting/fishing (very poor fishing in fact) However…the combat is pretty fun and fast paced. Grouping up with friends to run dungeons is a blast. Weapons and armor are unique and stylish. For a FTP MMORPG it is definitely worth a shot. Each character feels vastly different in combat style, which I think is the best feature of this game.

  12. Erwyenne

    I plqyed Vindictus on te usa server (by proxy coz i live in Europe) but now since Vindictus has a European server, ve been playin qnd enjoyin it. My only problem is te frequent reuse of levels but in general there arenalways cool stuff hidden in the levels. I enjoy that they tried to make the dungeons different, even if te maps are always the same per level. There are different sub-missionsqnd trqps that make the runs of the same dungeon different every time. I highly recomend it.

  13. Harlem

    Vindictus can be summarized in a sentence.
    “Excuse me sir, your spine is sticking out.”
    And then that summary was thrown across the room and broke all its limbs against a stone pillar.
    A Beautiful looking game from the ground up, physics, bloom, and more stuff you can break and throw than in a Wild-West Movie Saloon, when even your enemy becomes a weapon. A great character design (provided you don’t mind your class being Gender-Locked), though clothing is not as in depth as its Older-Sister game, Mabinogi.
    Unlike its origins, Mabinogi, this game uses a Non-Turn-Based Combat system, and lets you hack, slash, crush, and any other form of destruction you can think of, right through to the very end.
    Also, Vindictus was tailor made for the Street-Fighter/Tekken (Etc) player who just wants to slam the button that snaps the bad-guys spine over their knees and hear that graduating “Crunch” that brings joy to any lover of the Hack-‘n-Slash genre.
    Sadly, its map consists of a home base/town(s), and a dungeon set up. That’s it.
    A Great game for those who want that Jump into the action, an option that is slowly slipping away from us as the Sandbox game monster eats all our games one by one, and more blood than a blood-bank who’s staff consists entirely of hemophiliacs; But is not for all crowds.


    This game is FREE to download and FREE to play, having played games since their infancy, i gotta say this is one of the BEST games i have played – it’s a breath of fresh air compared to most of its kind.
    The two towns are lobby areas with shops, there is no outside area to explore, the quests are linear, and some server lag is to be expected (moving servers today , so maybe that will help?)

  15. ND003

    Free To Play but Pay To Win (optional).

  16. amcoduri

    I used to sing praise to this game as well .Then I hit the endgame .
    Retarded drop rates , 99.9% of the time you get useless crap like leather and cloth from raids and bosses even on heroic.You need heavily enchanted and enhanced gear to not get OHKO during raids and most punish players for choosing a melee class . But one of the worst parts is that the gear itself sucks hard if not made +10 and enchanted ( the process is a fucking nightmare). I have played dark souls pc version with a keyboard and twitchy mouse and took on and beat smough and ornstein solo with only 5 estus flasks as a melee char , but , the enhancing system in vindictus……it scares me

  17. Kei

    I’ve been playing Vindictus for a long time and Its amazing – there may be only two towns but you never really feel like you need more space since you live practicably in the dungeons. The graphics are amazing – I have an alien ware computer and can play on the highest settings without a hick-up and i’m blown away (take that wow) – you don’t need a very strong computer as long as you have adequate ram. The biggest turn on for me was the fighting – you don’t just pint and click and then your character walks over just to take damage unless you kill the enemy with one hit – vindictus you can defeat bosses without being hit BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL SKILL- that makes vindictus a real innovation to me 🙂

  18. Ovnoglavi

    AWESOME GAME!!! And it’s FREE! As the season 2 hit the lights 3 towns are available and a whole new dungeon system, along with a new story line. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this game because when I get tired of one character (I’m playing Karok right now) I can select another and I will get a whole new experience of the game since every character’s gameplay is different!!! So, you get 6 different characters and 6 different types of gameplay in just one game!!! Nexon did an awesome work!!!

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