Vindictus has released a new content update

Nexon Europe has released the latest update for its free to play action-RPG Vindictus.

The update comes with some new features, like a new weapon for Karok and some changes to the transformations.

- Karok’s Second Weapon - Karok's second weapon, Cestus has finally arrived. Along with the new weapon, new skills have also been added so you can blast through anything that stands against you. Enjoy the new fighting style of Karok by testing out the bone-breaking abilities on those insignificant Fomors!

- Transformations for Paladin and Dark Knight - From level 40, players have the ability to transform into a Paladin or Dark Knight. This time, along with Karok’s 2nd Weapon update, the Paladin and Dark Knight’s transformation skill is no longer one skill, but two. Once the update goes live, Dark Knights and Paladins will have first stage and second stage transformations. In order to reach the second, players will first have to pass through Stage One.

- Stage One Transformation - The Stage One Paladin/Dark Knight transformation is slightly weaker than the pre-update version. As before, transforming into your alternate form will give a significant boost to your character’s Attack scores, Stamina, and Hit Points. What the Stage One transformation loses is its sheer power. However, it makes up for the loss in terms of utility. The biggest hurdle for using the skill – the need for 10 Ability Points and a full SP bar – has been removed. The Stage One transformation is now a clickable skill available once per hour at any time.

- Stage Two Transformation - Stage Two is the upgraded and more powerful form of the initial Paladin/Dark Knight transformation. If Stage One has lost approximately 25% of the power from the pre-update, Stage Two provides a 50% boost over the previous version. In addition to a brand new look and transformation animation, 2 new impressive skills are being introduced to Stage Two Paladin or Dark Knight.

And to celebrate the arrival of the update, the game is celebrating some events from April 18th to May 2nd including the ‘Master of Cestus’ event for players who have completed the Cestus Mastery storyline, the ‘Double EXP’ event for inviting guild members to battle and the ‘Search for the Best Guild’ event where guilds receive prizes for submitting the best screenshots of their guild spirit. Also, on the 22nd April is the 2x2x2 event where players will receive 2x EXP and 2x AP for 2 hours to celebrate the new 2nd update.

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