Villagers and Heroes’ Starfall Expansion Released

Mad Otter Games, the independent developer behind cross-platform MMORPG Villagers and Heroes, have now released the hugely ambitious Starfall expansion today. While the expansion soft launched on September 20th, it is now available to all players.

The Starfall expansion is a massive update to Villagers & Heroes, bringing a huge amount of improvements and new features - a level cap raise and new zones, a completely revamped loot system, a new leveling system with new talent trees and feats for all classes, and countless other additions such as a new world map, mobile improvements, and more.

The new story has players traveling to the fabled Crux, an area that is shrouded in mystery. As you travel across swamps, towns, peaks and passages, you're joined by a group of adventurers named The Lumineers who need to get to Crux as soon as possible. This world, its intricacies, and its answers will be found by those brave enough to traverse with the Lumineers.

Players are set to receive an all new free mount, free sockets, talent reset potions and a free outfit. Launch day will be ready for all players, but the massive changes to old systems with new additions will make certain items and content have some changes which players should be aware of. This changes can be found in more detail here.

Starfall is now available on Steam and Android devices on Google Play.

Starfall Features

  • Class overhaul with all new in-depth progression including new talent trees.

  • Class specializations

  • Powerful class ultimates

  • Seven new zones to explore

  • All new story-driven quest content

  • Level cap raised to 90

  • Revamped loot system brings more important gear, items, and more meaningful crafting.

  • New item stats

  • New item rune system

  • Removal of repair costs for most items

  • All new world map

  • UI improvements

  • General enhancements including bug fixes and technical improvements.


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