Villagers & Heroes Revamping the Loot System

Mad Otter Games, the developers behind free-to-play MMORPG Villagers and Heroes, will completely revamp the loot system in the game with their newest expansion Starfall. Thanks to these upcoming changes, loot will now be more meaningful thanks to Power Ratings, Runes, and Armaments.

Loot will now have a Power Rating, showing how powerful a piece of armor or weapon can be. This simple number lets you know instantly how much better or worst new loot you find is compared to what you currently use. One factor for this power rating are new item stats. Equipment you find and craft will have special properties. It could raise your health, lower your cooldown, or give a chance for massive damage. These stat boosts are in tiers of Common, Uncommon, and Rare, and each with their own edge in combat.

Loot will also be much clearer thanks to the new Rarity system. Items will now show how rare they are through a color system: Inferior (Grey), Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), , and Epic (Purple). Rarer items will be much more powerful than the common loot you'll find, so be on the lookout for that Legendary Gold. This new loot system also helps with crafting. You can now craft far better weapons and armor than before. If you didn't want to depend solely on combat for high-level armor, you can gladly use your skills to make durable equipment and powerful weapons.

Most loot you collect will now contain Runes. Instead of a permanent stat boost, Runes are interchangeable between equipment. They can passively improve your stats, give you a spell or combat feat, even improve a skill you already have. They won't be efficient forever though, so find more Runes as you fight the enemies of the world.

New loot is also coming in the style of Arnaments. These items grant you some gear with random properties. Some amazing gear can be found in them, so be on the lookout. They are mostly found as quest rewards, but they won't be the only place to obtain them.

With all of these improvements, each class will receive a new item slot for items specific for their class. Warriors can equip bracers, Wizards can equip spellbooks, Hunters can equip knives, and Priests can equip scepters. Add these with two sections for small trinkets for everyone, and you'll be ready for all the loot you can carry. The equipment you carry won't be perfect for every occasion as you level up, so make sure to collect all the new loot you find as you fight and craft.

Villagers & Heroes: Starfall will be coming to PC, Steam, and Mobile later this year for free!

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