Valiance Expansion for Lineage II announced

NCSoft has just revealed their plans to release Valiance, the next content expansion for the Lineage II, later this year. The update will not only bring a new storyline causing devastation across the lands, but also enable players to hone their skills and abilities to their liking while facing the return of the popular hunting ground, Hellbound.

Since Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, sent Lindvior to destroy Aden some time ago, players have been able to enjoy a sense of peace which isn't meant to last for long anymore as old threat are at the horizon once againĀ and battles long thought won begin anew. They will find themselves faced with new challenges and experiences that will push their skills and dedication to the limit.


Among the expansion's highlights is the updated zone Hellbound returning with upgraded areas and new hunting parties. The skill system sees an improvement and/ or modification of a large number of skills as well as the addition of 25 new ones. The abilities system is completely new to the game allowing players to customise their skills to make them more powerful and effective. And some popular bosses from the past will also return to the world of Aden.

Source of information: NCSoft press release.

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