Summer content update for Perfect World International

Perfect World International has just come out with their Summer Content Update, which features the long awaited Demon and Sage conversion feature, new Tideborn skills and the return of the popular Nien Beast Event, just in time for summer. In addition, Perfect World International players will enjoy double EXP for two weeks, which also includes double Spirit and double the item drops.
Perfect World has created a new trailer, which can be watched through our youtube channel right here.

Demon / Sage Tideborn Skills
The wait is now over! Players of the Tideborn race can finally acquire their Celestial Demon and Sage skills. What's more is that we have added 4 new skills to both of the Assassin and Psychic class. 2 of the Skills are the Demon and Sage skills while the other 2 are completely new to each class! Assassins just received a nice healing channel skill while the Psychic gained an ability to remove negative status effects from themselves while at the same time becoming immune to physical damage.

Summer Festival Event
Last year, players like you were successful in defeating the infamous Nien Beast during the Spring Festival event. Now the Nien Beast is back and planning an all new assault on Archosaur. Take up arms with your fellow Squad and Faction mates and drive this beast back to whence he came! This is a new Public Quest event that rewards players according to their contribution. The better you perform, the better your rewards.

Double EXP Event
If you thought we were done, think again! We will also be offering 2x EXP, 2x Spirit, and 2x Items during the dates of May 18, 2010 01:00AM PDT until June 1, 2010 01:00AM PDT. That's 2 full weeks of bonus EXP, Spirit and Items just in time for you to get all your new skills.

Check here all you need to know about Perfect World. And visit its official website.

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  1. Leonard

    Perfect world international is a great free to play MMORPG. And it is really nice to see they are consistently adding new content and listening to their loyal fans. This is a nice over view of what is to come.

  2. Perfect world International Tips

    Perfect world International is a wonderful free to play game. I find it to be a class above most of the rest and am surprised that it is not more popular than it is. That is not to say it is not popular, I would have just assumed that with the pros of the game, it would come stronger

  3. l00natyk

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