Star Trek Online: Escalation Coming to Consoles

Star Trek Online: Season 13 – Escalation will soon make its journey to consoles. The update to the 100% free-to-play Star Trek-based MMORPG releases on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 6. Console players will discover challenging new missions as they play their way through two new episodes. This includes the featured episode, “Mirrors and Smoke,” where captains will travel to New Kentar to defend the planet from the Tzenkethi, as well as "Survivor," an episode focused on Sela, Empress of the Romulan Star Empire. Season 13 also marks the official debut of War Games on Xbox One and PS4, a new system which lets two teams battle head-to-head in competitive PvE scenarios for rewards.

Season 13 – Escalation takes console captains to New Kentar, where they embark on a mission to help the Lukari learn more about their past. Their exploration of the planet’s bustling urban landscape is soon interrupted by the Tzenkthi, who warp in and threaten to decimate the planet’s colony world. This all takes place in the featured episode, “Mirrors and Smoke.” Players will also have access to the episode, “Survivor,” which concludes the story of Sela of Romulus, voiced by the talented Denise Crosby. In addition, Season 13 grants players access to War Games, new 5v5 queues that allow them to competitively solve puzzles, race starships, and battle against each other. Rewards include class-specific set gear for starships, which are now available on console for the very first time. A full list of features available with the launch of Season 13 will be revealed when the update launches on June 6.


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