Skyforge PS4 Launching Mechanoid War Expansion on June 27

Aelion, the world of free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge, is under constant threat of otherworldly invaders. Global publisher and developer Allods Team warn players of a brand-new army preparing itself for invasion on the PlayStation 4. The Mechanoid legion has an uncontrollable thirst for knowledge and seeks to increase their own computing power. The robotic army is rapidly approaching and all players are being called on to defend their home planet from these menacing invaders.

The Mechanoid War – is the latest free expansion for Skyforge launching on June 27. A spectacular new Divine Form appearance will be available to players that have cleared all adventures and did the special quest to ascend to godhood. Next to that, the update will bring all new battles in challenging invasion zones, exciting boss battles, a completely new 10-man raid as well as the new and stronger generation 2 equipment as rewards!


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