Skyforge Announces The Revenant Class

Developer Allods Team and global publisher have announced a brand-new update coming to the free-to-play action MMO – Skyforge next month. Launching on Sept. 19, The Revenant will be a free update that introduces the fifteenth class for the game. Players can unlock them all and switch instantly between them to match the playstyle they want, whenever the situation calls for it.

Locked away for centuries, these axe wielding Immortals walk the soil of Aelion once more. The Revenant are ancient, mighty warlords, decimating their foes with overwhelming force. Accidently awoken and faced with the newfound invaders of Aelion, these harbingers of death will seek retribution from their invading prey. Siphoning the life from their enemies through shadow magic or decimating them with sharp edge of their axe, their adversaries will never stand a chance. The Revenant don’t solemnly strive to silence their prey, but their goal is to find a worthy challenger that will best them in ultimate combat. This pursuit is what keeps the Revenant pushing themselves to their very limit and makes them an absolute force to be reckoned with.


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