Secret World Legends Releases Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid

New York City. The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps – especially now that a 100-foot monster is stirring underneath Times Square itself! Today Funcom released its latest update to Secret World Legends, introducing a 10-person raid that will test the mettle of even the most hardened veteran. Reimagined and fully free-to-play, Secret World Legends is the new incarnation of Funcom’s conspiracy-themed online game The Secret World, and veteran players will recognize the Manhattan Exclusion Zone instance as one of the most memorable in the game.

"With this update we are introducing the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid with multiple difficulty levels” says Executive Producer Scott Junior. “The raid features a story mode which will allow any level 50 character to investigate the events occurring around Time Square in New York and to engage in an epic battle against a familiar foe, the Unutterable Lurker. In addition, we are releasing the Lair Megaboss summoning which lets up to 40 players summon powerful world bosses in Agartha and defeat them to reap individual rewards.”


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