RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy Becomes Prophecy of Ahnket

Beginning today, RIFT’s latest premium expansion (earlier called Starfall Prophecy) becomes Prophecy of Ahnket.

As part of a special limited-time promotion, players who log into RIFT between May 10 and May 14 will permanently receive the Prophecy of Ahnket premium expansion for free. In addition, all players who log in during this period will also receive a free “Prophecy of Ahnket Cache” that contains in-game rewards and items, including Individual Reward Charges for the expansion’s new Looking for Raid system. After this promotional weekend, Prophecy of Ahnket will be available to purchase for $19.99.

Three items originally obtainable by purchasing the Deluxe Edition – the Ethereal Drake Mount, Asha Catari’s Raiment, and the Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame – can now be acquired by purchasing the “Celestial Adventurer's Pack.” The level 65 boost, originally obtainable by purchasing either the Deluxe or Standard Editions, can now be purchased directly from the RIFT store for 6000 Credits.

Shortly after announcing the new expansion as “Starfall Prophecy,” Trion Worlds became acquainted with the Starfall Education Foundation, a public charity aimed at providing children with educational resources at little or no cost through audiovisual interactivity. Out of respect for the foundation's history and efforts, Trion has changed the name of the new RIFT expansion to Prophecy of Ahnket.

About RIFT: Prophecy of Ahnket
RIFT: Prophecy of Ahnket is the latest expansion to RIFT, Trion World's critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG. This expansion takes players to a mysterious and dangerous land created from fragments of the Planes of Life and Fire. There they will explore beautiful zones, exciting dungeons, and fearsome raids as they face off against new and familiar enemies alike. In addition to providing access to the Celestial Lands, the Prophecy of Ahnket expansion also allows players to reach level 70, unlock game-changing Legendary Abilities, discover powerful new Eternal Items, enhance their equipment by completing in-game trials, challenge an all new 10-man raid, adventure more with Looking for Raid, and much more.


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