Planet Calypso updates to version 2010|01

First Planet Company announced today the newest version, 2010|01, of Planet Calypso is available for download. This new version is the fusion of ideas from the community and a desire to make the game world the best it can be.

The new Quest/Mission System is a preview of what's to come as Planet Calyspo collects users experiences, sentiments and suggestions so that the official missions release will be as finished as possible. There is a mission broker in Port Atlantis that will initiate new players with five starter missions. The five sample missions will be built upon so that new pioneers have a more focused experience as they enter Planet Calypso. This will also lead to advanced missions eventually allowing players of all levels to get in on the action and experience the ongoing storyline.  Planet Calypso will be improving the GUI of the mission system so interactive objects will be more clearly marked.

Planet Calypso also heard the cries from pioneers that updates were needed to the graphics and design of the main areas. As a great start the Cyclops area between East Scylla Mountains and Fort Troy, as well as some Land Areas and Outback Lands to various degrees on Amethera have been improved. Not only do they look a lot better than before, they are also optimized better for performance. The Cyclops area is being used as a reference work for future server area updates so that the full performance of the CryEngine2 can be seen and felt allover the planet.

Read here all you need to know about Planet Calypso.

Visit the official website of Planet Calypso.

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