Planet Calypso opens the Oil Rig

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First Planet Company, developer and publisher of the largest real cash economy MMORPG, announced today that the Oil rig is back online and pumping out free oil to any brave enough to take it. Enterprising players in Planet Calypso can make their way East of Fort Ares and try to collect some of the almost $9,000.00 USD a year of free oil being pumped out.

The journey to the Oil Rig is not an easy one. For the first time traveler, it is probably best to use a teleporter and head for Jason Centre and then continue until the ground takes on an alien blue hue. Any raider'sbiggest concern quickly becomes the Wastelanders and other bandits in the area. They will do whatever they can to stop anyone from taking "their"oil and money. The Oil Rig itself is a mighty tower standing up in the desert. It is surrounded by abandoned defense installments, containers and scrap. These are used by bandits and rig defenders alike for protection. Most of the oil is refined and shipped elsewhere, but there is a pump west of the main tower that has a lot of spill. That is the goal. Trouble is that it is in the open and well-defended, at times, by both the main tower and one of the bunkers. Would-be marauders would do well do have a friend to cover them while getting the oil. Then players still need to get their barrels out. The good news is that once they have reached the Ashi Outpost, near the Oil Rig, and added it to a teleporter map, they can use it to make quick raids on the Oil Rig and make some real money. Remember, when going to the rig go in heavy and make each shot count, then get out alive.


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