Planet Calypso focuses on story with new missions

First Planet Company  announced today 80 new missions were added to the Planet Calypso world in its 2010.2 release. These missions give current players a more story driven experience and allow new players to get used to the planet in a more structured way.

As players make their way through the missions they will find an array of challenges for every level. Many of the missions are hunting challenges arranged by the Calypso Firearms Association to raise awareness of different weapon issues (i.e. safety, control, etc.). These are spread out all over Eudoria and can take a long time to complete earning their victors a hefty skill reward. The biggest of the missions though are centered near the Cyclops volcano near Fort Troy, and in particular the activity of the robots. From a naïve scientist that wants to communicate with the robots on peaceful terms to the corporation Genesis Star that wants to exploit the robots, colonists must discover the secrets of Robots. Missions will vary from hunting missions to exploration and infiltration and puzzle solving. While colonists can still play the game any way they wish to, including not following the missions at all, the risks and rewards make for a fun and compelling new experience.

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