Official Launch of Rage War

XS Software, developer and operator of free -to-play online games, announced the global official launch of the new MMO strategy Cross Platform game Rage War.

Rage War includes everything your heart desires Strategist: Players start in the Stone Age with the construction of their empire and travel through the eras of human history. The historically accurate representation occurs more in the background, instead it goes to the players about to subdue the history of their own will, to rewrite history! One example: While standing in ancient times, of course, no tanks are available, but who properly trained his cavalry saber tooth of the Stone Age, can be quite high attack enemy units to Tiger. In RageWar you have tons of unique Units and Buildings and you have to travel with your Time machine to other great Epochs. So Hurry up time travelers and build your strong army in this great MMO with unique units such like: the mighty Marauder, the greatest Tigermans, Cavemans, Alchemists makes boom, Huntresses and extremely good armored Knights. With the Gyrocoper you can attack from above and only the air defense can stop you! Strategy is a very important point in the game, so prepare your defense wisely with hidden traps, a strong wall and intelligent formation of your defending army! Build together with you best friends a great kingdom and get awesome prices in the kingdom league!

Rage War is playable now in the Browser, as Client or via Phone in the Android and IOS shops.


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