Nexon America’s Atlantica Online introduces the new Diabolica Update

Nexon America’s Atlantica Online introduces the new Diabolica Update, that comes with a completely redesigned Training Center, level 120 upgrade quest improvements and PvP updates.

The Training Center consists of 10 stages, in which monsters will spawn automatically for players to defeat. As each stage is cleared of all the monsters, players will be rewarded with Training Supply Boxes that give players a chance at obtaining rare, high-level necklaces. Main character necklaces may either have a Lv. 115 or Lv. 135 requirement.

The level 120 upgrade quest has been modified to be easier to complete. Those who found it impossible to battle through will now find that fewer items are needed to complete the quest and time limits have been increased.

In addition some improvements to the pvp comes with Diabolica. Nike’s Spellbook has been modified so that an effect such as Awakening, Purifying, Mana Piercing and others will be randomly activated. . Other class specific magic effects have also been modified. Magic effects such as Lady Knight’s Light Slash, Minstrel’s Salvation and Instrument Main’s Requiem effects have all been modified as well.

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