Nexon America has unleashed new PvP modes with The Crimson Blades update for Vindictus

Nexon America has released The Crimson Blades update for its physics-based action MMORPG Vindictus. The update adds a robust player versus player combat system to the game, and now are able to compete against each other in three new game modes: Capture the Relic, Monster Brawl and Triple Monster Brawl.

In Capture the Relic, two teams consisting of up to five players each compete in an arena to capture the opposing team’s Relic, all the while striving to defend their own. Players will need teamwork, fast reflexes and communication with their teammates to emerge victorious.

In the Monster Brawl mode two teams of players must assault the opposing team’s monster. No idle participant, the opposing monster will fight back with vindictive ferocity. The monsters may even turn on their own teams, so combatants are warned to always watch their backs.

Players up for the most intense PvP challenge can sign up for Triple Monster Brawl, a Monster Brawl with three times the danger. After the first opposing monster is defeated, two more will take its place, with victory coming only after all three have been vanquished.

In addition a series of powerful PvP rewards have also been added to the game, purchased from Royal Army Recruits. After completing a PvP match, players will receive a Combat Seal or a Seal of Enjoyment, which are redeemable for stat-enhancing buff items, monster summon scrolls, party revival feathers and more.

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