New Trailer for Villagers & Heroes’ Starfall Expansion

Mad Otter Games, the independent developer behind cross-platform MMORPG Villagers and Heroes, have released the first reveal trailer for their upcoming expansion Starfall. The trailer showcases all of the expansion's upcoming features and content revamps.

Starfall is the biggest and most ambitious expansion to hit the cross-platform MMORPG. Starfall is set to feature a host of new content including quests, zones, and gear, but also comes with a huge rework of the game's systems including an all new loot system, crafting, class progression and the removal of repair costs.

Starfall will be a free expansion for Villagers and Heroes coming soon to PC & Android devices later this year.

Starfall Features
- Class overhaul with all new in-depth progression including new talent trees.
- Class specializations
- Powerful class ultimates
- Seven new zones to explore
- All new story-driven quest content
- Level cap raised to 90
- Revamped loot system brings more important gear, items, and more meaningful crafting.
- New item stats
- New item rune system
- Removal of repair costs for most items
- All new world map
- UI improvements
- General enhancements including bug fixes and technical improvements.


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