New Stock Function for Lords Online’s players


With the new Stock Function coming to Lords Online, players will have the tools they need to raise extra capital and help fund their plans of conquest. Alliances will have stock, and players will be able to buy and sell stocks through a user-friendly trading interface. Manage your portfolio for maximum profit and flex your financial muscles to keep your armies ready for action.

User-friendly Interface
The Lords Online Stock Function is part of the Alliance system. When trading stocks, players can search for a specific Alliance or browse the listings. The trading interface includes three main pages: Market Quotes, My Shares, and Entrustment. Players can also find stock info for fellow members in the Alliance interface.

The Market Quotes section lists the stock info for each Alliance, including the Trading Price, Put/Call Rate, Trading Time, Ceiling Price, and Base Price. Green text represents a price increase and red represents a decrease. In My Shares players can see what stocks they own. It displays detailed info for each stock, including the time it was last traded, Amount, Principal, Bonus, and Action.

Build a Fortune or Lose Your Shirt
The Lords Online Stock Function imitates real world stock exchanges. The value of each stock is decided by the market trades. To obtain Alliance Stock, players need to donate some gold to their Alliance. Once they have some stock in hand, players can choose to keep their shares and wait for a better trading price or sell them for gold to help develop their troops and infrastructure.

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