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Developed by IGG for internet browsers.


Lords Online is IGG's newest SLG&RPG browser-based flash game that utilizes the classic combat rules set down in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. And it has been deemed the 2nd generation in browser-based gaming. Lords Online provides two map modes for players to choose from: Lord mode and Hero mode. Those who love the detached SLG style can use Lord mode and focus their attention on city development and arms coordination, while those who prefer RPGs can choose Hero mode and experience epic adventures. Lords Online encompasses a variety of heroes and battles, providing far more choices for players. The story is set in the mystical land of Mu. On this continent, several races live amid a constant struggle for supremacy. With intricately designed heroes, military bases and camps, as well as sharp graphics and landscape imagery, you will feel as though you’re there, giving the commands to engage in battle yourself!


- High Quality Graphics; The exquisite graphics featured in Lords Online form a fantastic game world that you will spend countless hours roaming and conquering the land. Among other browser based games, Lords Online stands out as particularly good, with fine detail included in the verdant landscape.

- Creative movable maps; Currently, most browser based games available are very static and do not allow for much movement or action. However, in Lord’s Online, players have many features that cannot be found anywhere else.

•Hero led troops can be seen on maps.
•Troops must navigate around various landforms and natural barriers, adding a sense of realism to army movement and strategy.
•Heroes can settle at any spot on the map.
•Heroes can attack one another.
These features provide the following advantages over other BBGs
•They intensify player interaction.
•They encourage hostile encounters such as siege war, and hero interception.
•Produces in game hostilities and actions that simulate reality. Such as befriending distant states and attacking unruly neighbors.

- Strong Alliance system; The specially designed alliance system enables players to ally with others and fight against their enemies together, which enhances player interaction and fosters the growth of a passionate player community.

- Governing isn’t as easy as it looks on CNN; Lords Online takes a realistic approach to governing, giving players the ability to deal with various political affairs, such as comforting citizens after attacks and disasters, collecting taxes, producing resources for military and economic use and so on. Can you manage the situation at home while also engaging in battles against foreign enemies?

- Cultivate heroes to fight for your kingdom; Lords Online is a browser based strategic war game, but it also includes many aspects of RPGs, which is the leveling and cultivation of heroes. Heroes are a crucial part of an army, as they are on the front lines providing leadership and guidance to troops. For their part, heroes can earn experience, increase stat points to upgrade skills and be equipped with various kinds of armor, not to mention the special skills and magic that are available.

- Rich array of military units means more intense strategies; Each of the three races in Lords Online has 10 military divisions. With 30 military divisions, the unique siege war system, legions of heroes, reinforcements, scouts, and plundering there are countless strategies to master and an almost limitless variety of choices for attacks. Fight with hand to hand, or with ranged and mana based spells or send an armada to wipe out the opposition. It’s all up to you.

- Player controlled combats; Lords Online inherits all the qualities of a traditional SLG but breaks the mold of traditional browser based games. With features that include cultivation of heroes, equipped armor, legions of military units, plundering , alliance building, and governing functions, Lords Online provides players with a truly memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more. Experience the browser based game that plays like an MMO today!


It happened not so long ago; a raging flood came from out of nowhere and devastated the world as we know it submerging buildings and sweeping people away in its swirling chaos. Prince Coss scrambled to gather all of the survivors together and flee with them to the safety of the Mu Continent. A place hidden deep in the depths of the ocean purported to be peaceful and richly endowed. The people of Clude welcomed Prince Coss and his people with open arms and generously offered them a piece of their abundant land. Unfortunately the peace there wasn’t destined to last for long; the Silver Dragon Costa soon approached with it’s thousands strong army and invaded the plain.  They were driven by their greed and hatred for all that is good…

The war was fierce and bloody; with many a good man losing his life.  Prince Coss and his loyal supporters finally overcame Costa and defeated him.  But not before Costa was able to put a deadly curse on Coss’s sword, (Silver Dragon Wings).  With no other choice available to him Coss had to destroy his faithful weapon.  The craftsman, Bathory was chosen to do the deed but the temptation proved to be too much for him, instead of smashing it he refined the mighty blade into a small crystal and stole it away into the night.

The plain that was occupied by Coss and his followers became know as God’s Favor. On its vast and spacious plains they set up the country of Flange and Coss was crowned the King.

But the peace on the Mu Continent was not to last. The Beard tribe made plans to split the land of Clude into two separate kingdoms – Shaba; which advocates power and discipline and Alec; which lives under the rule of magic and peace.  But the Beard didn’t stop there they also summoned legions of deadly blood sucking leeches to help them invade.  But worse than that, they managed to get their hands on the Silver Dragon Wings.   With the weapon and the leeches on their side they launched a sudden and violent attack on Alec and declared unholy war on Shaba.

But even in these trying times a small glimmer of hope shines… The humans, their robots and Shaba’s giants have all joined forces to get rid of the accursed Beards.  Even the peace lovers from Alec are ready to take arms and join the fight.  This war has been casting its terrible shadow over the gentle people of Mu.  Trouble is brewing and you, little suzerain, must prepare yourself for what is to come…


Kos country stretches out among the fertile flatlands of God's Favor Plain and is home to the humans. Without the strong bodies and powerful mana skills of the races, they are considered to be a relatively weak class, but their wisdom and intelligence are often overlooked, and is the principle reason they have come to dominate the plains. They were also the first races to unite and fight together and the first to create mechanical weapons.

With their tall, strong bodies, it is easy to write them off as mere labor or warriors. In fact these people have a long history and a culture that prizes bravery and glory in battle. When the Bilde attacked Alec and started the war that has consumed the continent, the Shaba mobilized their fearsome warriors and began preparing for war.

The people of Alec broke away from the Shaba tribe centuries ago and have since grown into a strong community that prizes magical knowledge above physical strength. Much more peaceful than the Shaba, they have absorbed the curiosity and wisdom of the humans and used it to enhance their mana skills. Sensing possible weakness, the Bilde attacked the Alec first, hoping to wipe them out before confronting the Shaba. However the Bilde underestimated the power of the Mages in Alec, and what was supposed to be a prelude to war has devolved into the bloody front lines of an enduring conflict.


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Lords Online

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6 Comentarios de Lords Online

  1. Bolan

    This game is imbalanced, a town built up in 30 days can easily be destroyed in 1 day.

    You’re gonna have to spend a lot of actual dollars to buy game coins to stand a proper chance in battle to prevent being either farmed or wiped off the face of the earth; either which one depending on the mood of your opponent who actually does pay for game coins.

    So don’t be fooled by the ‘free’ bit of the game. It’s not if you want to stand a chance in any serious battle.

  2. Bucket

    This game is an epic fail. I gave this game a 2 month run to check it out. With in the two months I played it there where massive bugs that prevented the use of my army, deleted my troops and locked my hero up prventing the use of them.

    I reported these bugs to thier tech support with no relief multiple times over the course of the game. Thier tech support was available though and polite but still nothing would happen from contacting them. I can say though if you start to post the flaws and how they occure on the forum they will ban you from the game without warning.

    The game has heavly unbalance units and when questioned about them I was advised they are balanced and that each race has certain advantages. Example Shaba build troops faster. Example of unbalance: Alec race builds 33% slower but units on average have 250% higher stats for attk/def and hp not to metion the alec race is unstopable mid to late game due to thier units have an insaine attack speed with the fastest one being 19 compaired to the humans fastest 14 and the shabas fastest at 10. Mix this with the advantage of a hero adds a 1% increase in speed to the unit they command for every point of agility they have. It creates a game where you can not defened yourself.

    Case in point are some of the fights where 5k cleric would attack a shaba player with over 15k units and the alec player would lose almost no troops while killing all of the defenders.

    This backed up by atrillery and battering rams being able to destroy buildings and walls it creates a game that is un-playable for the other races.

  3. laz

    problem is, you cant sell power in a game that is all about direct competition. and the above main description of the game is ridiculous. i know this game, ive played it way too long. its addictive like many games, and it is garbage. lords online is poorly made, poorly maintained, full of foul little jerks and sickos.theres decent people in the community. but mostly not. every update is made to encourage malling, its barely a game the way it is designed. i must disagree with bucket though, on one thing, humans are the ones who win the long game. on every server ive even peeked at.

    by the way, IGG is combining severs like crazy now, as this game is built in a completely unsustainable manner, and servers die quickly. for example, 3-4 were combined, and now 1-6 are all being dropped into one pot.
    my call; better off playing bejeweled, or in mud in your yard.

  4. DrQuack

    I’ve been playing this game many hours per day for a month now, paying only $1 for 200 game coins, 100 of which have been used to buy resources and gems so that I could upgrade buildings. At no point has anything been “idle.” Still, at this rate, it will be months before the army will be developed sufficiently to engage in the kind of battles described. Gaining experience for the hero is a monotonous, tedious and extremely repetitive. Upgrading equipment by forging with other items has been somewhat entertaining.

    I see very little evidence of other humans affecting gameplay in any manner. When does the fun start?

  5. Bloodrainz

    check out this game if you are disappointed from lords online
    great grafics, nice system(heroes 5 clonish), NO BUGS ,u can play 1 day in the month or everyday, its a browsergame but not a “browsergame”, nice community and still new feutures
    and all for free!!! really for free

    my name bloodrainz mail me if u need help but i am not active very much at the moment 😉

  6. Sorrow

    Lords Online is a game that use to be good, and fun to play. Unfortunately now, the admin have decided that the players playing are not worth looking after. So the only world now on there is full of glitchers and those who like to trawl and cause drama. Many of us have left the game disgusted that we paid to play. There is rumours now the will be bringing out the a new version. If admin of this game dont care now, why would they care in the future. Avoid this game like a 7day old fish, it smells.

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