New Expansion for Pocket Starships: Star Trek Borg Invasion

SPYR, INC. (OTC Pink: SPYR) announced that Pocket Starships: STAR TREK™ Borg Invasion will be coming this fall to iOS, Android and Kindle mobile devices, as well as web browsers – with full cross-platform play support. Pocket Starships: STAR TREK Borg Invasion is an expansion to fan-favorite Pocket Starships, the popular free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat game, that integrates content from three Star Trek™ television series.

The integration of Star Trek into Pocket Starships: STAR TREK Borg Invasion is the result of the previously announced licensing deal under CBS Consumer Products for the use of content from the hugely popular television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. When the Pocket Starships and Star Trek universes collide in this expansion, players will be able to explore new sectors of the universe, engage in vicious battles, and staff their ships with their favorite Star Trek characters from the franchise through a trading card system.

Pocket Starships: STAR TREK Borg Invasion is a true cross-platform game, so players can enjoy all new Star Trek content with their friends and fellow Trekkies regardless if they are using a mobile device or a web browser – all at the same time. Pocket Starships: STAR TREK Borg Invasion blends fast-paced massively multiplayer space combat with an easy-to-use crafting system for building ships and advanced equipment like boosters, robots or weapons. Defeating the hive-minded Borg is just the first step – the ultimate goal is to dominate the entire galaxy!

“Star Trek is one of the most culturally significant science fiction franchises of all time and its popularity is indisputable,” said Mike Turner, VP of Strategic Partnerships at SPYR. “We’re thrilled to introduce long-time fans of Star Trek around the world to Pocket Starships with Pocket Starships: STAR TREK Borg Invasion. The combination of Pocket Starships’ real-time, cross-platform MMO gameplay with the Star Trek brand will deliver a truly unique and exciting gaming experience.”


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