New Expansion Coming to Skyforge on PlayStation 4

Developer Allods Team and global publisher announce that their free to play action MMORPG Skyforge will receive its first expansion for PlayStation 4 this May 16. The Risen Exiles is an entirely free expansion adding three more classes to the roster and completes the arsenal of playstyle choices for Skyforge’s immortals. Players can experience the deadly power of the Necromancer, balanced strength of the Monk, and dark spells of the Witch while taking on, all new challenges. The Risen Exiles will add a scaling endgame zone to explore in the Tacid Dunes region of Aelion and dungeons to master alone or with friends. Competitive players can ready themselves for larger scale Player versus Player conflicts and those who have organized themselves in Pantheons can now start an all-out war.

The Risen Exiles contains:

Three classes: Witch, Necromancer, Monk
Inghar Test Area (Group or Pantheon)
Antean Wasteland (Explorable Area)
Phoreus Test Area (5 Player Dungeon)
10 vs. 10 Player versus Player Battles
Start of the Pantheon Wars


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