New Class for Blade & Soul on September 13

The next Blade & Soul player class—the Gunslinger—and its release date were announced at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It will ride into town on September 13 with the Blade & Soul: Rise of the Gunslinger update. The Rise of the Gunslinger is a free update for all players, and includes the Gunslinger class, as well as systems updates, and in-game events and promotions.

Just log into your account (created before today, with at least a level 10 character on it) and click on the big Register button and you’re going to get a free Gunslinger’s Satchel on release—easy!

The Gunslinger’s Satchel includes the following items:

Dead Reckoning Outfit
Dead Reckoning Hat
Additional Character Slot Voucher
10 Excellent Hongmoon XP Charms (Requires HM 1 or higher to use)


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