New 45-player Map for Conflict of Nations

This month’s update for Conflict of Nations features the newly envisioned Theater Defense System, which adds new units, balancing change and the new 45-player map.

The US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD for short, is an anti-ballistic Theater Defense System designed in response to the Scud missile attacks experienced by the US in the Gulf War in ‘91. Most notably with this system, in order to minimize risk of explosion, missiles are not armed with warheads, instead relying upon kinetic energy to detonate both low and high altitude missile attacks.

The massive Russian S-400 Triumf incorporates four missile types in its performance envelope. Designed to address any type of threat, be that short-range (with the 9M96E) or very-long-range (with the 40N6), the S-400, known as the Growler, is deserving of its name and reputation, as a rapidly deployable, highly survivable, and lethal piece of gear.

And lastly, the highly automated EU’s SAMP/T is designed to counter current and future airborne threats. It fires a total of eight Aster 15 and Aster 30 Interceptors within ten seconds, each equipped with blast fragmentation warheads capable of destroying UAV’s, cruise missiles, short-range ballistic missiles, and yes, not to omit, fighter aircraft.
The update introduces the long-anticipated Forty-Five Player Map. This is a balanced map that we have designed, per your suggestions, in an effort to improve overall game play by increasing the opportunities for PVP conflict. In total, three countries were added to South America, five to Africa, four to Asia, six to Europe, and one to Oceania. This map should engage you in a more complex and challenging manner.

To be more precise, with this overhauled map, as a player you can explore what it feels like to be sandwiched between Russia and China as Kazakhstan, the world’s largest land-locked nation; or maybe you fancy tapas, and as a naval guy, the long coastline of Spain is appealing. The rugged north of Norway? Perhaps the complexities of managing strings of islands in Greece or in the Philippines is more to your preference, if not, then Mozambique in Africa.

Particular attention has been paid to balancing the existing 26 Player Map and expanding it to include 45 active players. Most important to note in this 45 Player Map, AI countries will now have absolutely NO ON-MAP RESOURCES attributed to their respective countries. This adjustment will have a very noticeable change in the strategies players employ in their campaigns.


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