Nemexia announces Redemption, its new version

XS Software have announced the new version of their sci-fi browser game Nemexia called Redemption. This new version introduces a crafting system in order to equip the admirals as well as some improvements in other areas of the game.

ss-EN-4 ss-EN-3

Players can now gather the elements through missions; elements are important components used in the crafting process that will let you create different items for your admiral. You can mix items of the same level to improve their quality. Through the missions you can also obtain blueprint pieces that once combined will give you the blueprint of a new commander ship.

ss-EN-2 ss-EN-1

Moreover, 2 new commander ships are coming into the game: Argo, which will grant you more upgrade points after fighting the Renegades, and Punisher, which will decrease all hostile armour in the battle.

In addition, the user interface is now clearer and cleaner and a lot of other minor changes have been made to the auction bid formula and to the scrap collection as well.

Source of information: XS Software press release.

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