MU Legend Will Enter Open Beta in November

WEBZEN today announced a new release month for its next-gen ARPG MMO MU Legend, with the game now slated to enter the open beta phase in November, 2017.

WEBZEN shared the news through a letter from MU Legend's producer on the game's official Facebook page:

Pierre Vandenbroucke, producer of MU Legend's global version, wrote:

"We truly love our game, and our whole team has put so much effort into making the world of MU Legend the best it can be. With this in mind, we prefer to continue our commitment to quality instead of rushing the remaining development work, which would risk watering down the overall gaming experience that MU Legend will offer. We are committed to this "November" announcement, and we will make all the necessary efforts to bring the OBT to players at that time."

"We have been expecting this new MU release for more than 15 years, and all we are asking from you now is your continued support for three more months. We need it for this very last bit of development and translation, as we want to deliver a vibrant and memorable in-game experience."


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