Martial Empires enters in Closed beta phase

The harrowing sound of sharpened steel blades crashing upon shields rings in the launch of the closed beta testing phase of gamigo's latest MMORPG hit Martial Empires. Beginning on the 22nd of March, brave warriors who have registered for beta testing can take up arms in the battle against evil. Martial Empires offers dazzling 3D graphics and masterfully animated combat that will make the hearts of all martial arts enthusiasts beat a few beats faster.

The magnificent continent of Neha stands on the brink of destruction at the hand of dark forces. Every inhabitant of Neha must take up arms to defend their home and to protect the seven seals that had been under the control of the dark forces. Each of the three classes of warriors has their own set of skills and an individual storyline. Uncover the hidden secrets behind these stories and learn to master your skills using an array of weapons.

Neha is a continent of beautiful landscapes ranging from those of ancient China to medieval Europe. In this picturesque setting, players complete tasks and challenging quests either alone or in groups. A variety of guild and PvP features complete the gameplay experience. Extensive tutorials make it easy for newcomers to discover the fascinating world of Martial Empires.

Check here all you need to know about Martial Empires. And visit its official website.

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