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Developed by cr-space co. for windows.


Martial Empires is a free to play mmorpg with action-packed battles. Martial Empires offers dazzling 3D graphics and masterfully animated combat that will make the hearts of all martial arts enthusiasts beat a few beats faster.


- Free Online Role-Playing Game
- Action-packed battles
- High-quality 3D graphics
- Three classes of characters with lots of room for creativity and individualisation
- Countless PvE and PvP options
- Guild system with numerous battle options
- Extensive quests for individual and group play
- Fully-developed, highly detailed world
- Easy start into the game thanks to numerous tutorials


The land of Neha was always bright, even at night – two moons kept the inhabitants company. Beautiful as it was, Neha was not a pleasant place for humans. The Ancients used a powerful force to improve their surroundings: the very soul and essence of Neha, which they called Terre. They harnessed Terre for quite some time – but they knew little of the power they were using. Unbeknownst to the Ancients, the power of Terre was destroying the balance of their land… They decided to put an end to it: stop using Terre and lock it away forever, lest future generations be tempted to use it again. After a long struggle, the Ancients were able to overpower Terre and seal it with seven seals – with one keeper to defend each of those seals.

Elysion, the same Babylonian who destroyed the moon, learnt of the 7 keepers – he was overcome with a powerful lust. He wanted control over Terre – and he was willing to destroy anything to get it. He used his connections in the west to drive the two continents to war – now, only a great hero can avert catastrophe. Only a great hero can stop the destruction of the seven seals. Only a great hero can save the people of Neha from Terre. This is where our adventure begins…


Three different classes are available to choose from. Each class can use one of three weapons. Once a weapon has been chosen, the character can start to build their skill in using it.

As the former inhabitants of Babylon, mages know the world of magic and mana technology well. The mage that you will take on this journey was disgusted by the greed and power lust that infected many Babylonians. After the fall of Babylon, he spent his time secluded in the east until he heard of the plans to unleash Terre. Determined to stop them from destroying Neha in the same way they destroyed Babylon, he starts on a journey to the west.
With his knowledge of Babylonian technology and culture, the mage is the most destructive of all the classes. He delivers fast and lethal attacks over a large area – taking down many enemies at once.

Ever since the continents were joined by the destruction of Babylon, the east has been plagued by never-before-seen rebellions and riots. Threatened by such turmoil, the emperor of Wan, largest of all factions in the East, sent his finest warrior on a secret mission to investigate. After much strife, he heard of the threat to the seven seals…
Though not as fast and deadly as the Mage, his tireless training gives him an unmatched endurance. A master of various schools of combat, the warrior has the greatest vitality and best defensive abilities. This, along with the ability to taunt other players, allows the warrior to fill the role of tank in a party.

A half-breed of moon people and shaman, the ranger has the power to see and communicate with the gods and other spirits of Neha. Her story, however, is a tragic one. Her mother was brutally murdered and since then she has devoted her life to avenging her mother’s death. As she began to head west, she learnt of a mystery surrounding her mother’s birth…
The ranger is the fastest and most versatile of all the classes. Her connection to the spirit world also gives the ranger the ability to heal both herself and others. As the only class with the ability to inflict long-range damage and to heal, the ranger is an essential class in any party.



Website: Martial Empires

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  1. That One Dude

    What happened to this game? Is Martial Empires available in North America/English? Is Seven Souls Online the Korean or the NA English version? Both websites are in English and Seven Souls Online site is dead, no news, no progress. Same game, different names.

  2. MMO Reviews

    Martial Empires is the European version. Seven Souls is the Korean version.

    The NA version is Seven Souls Online:

  3. dani

    Is this game really bot/hack free? Weird, but I found this thread on where russian hackers (again) talk about speed hack etc, even about bypassing game protection

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