Lords Online version 1.5 Demo offers new features


To thank the legions of passionate fans of Lords Online, IGG is launching a demo of version 1.5 on World 1 beginning in May, giving players a chance to experience many new features and additions in advance. Here’s a preview of some of the highlights players will be talking about in the days to come.

Dungeon System
In dark, mysterious dungeons lurk hordes of monsters and amazing treasures. In addition to giving players a place to level up their heroes more quickly, the new dungeon system lets them explore an exciting world under the surface of the Mu continent.
Titles and Ranks System
Players can obtain titles by finishing Rank Quests and having enough Civilization points. Gaining specific titles will increase your resource production and provide extra bonuses for your military. As you improve, you can also receive considerable amounts of resources as part of the daily raffle. The higher a player’s title, the more advantages received for handling government affairs and military matters. Titles also improve standings in an Alliance.
Kingstown Battlefield
Players who love group combat will love the new Kingstown Battlefield system. During Kingstown wars, players fight alongside their brethren to capture an NPC castle that provides your group with tons of resources and riches.
PVP Arena
The new PVP Arena gives players the chance to participate in hero versus hero combat. If you defeat your opponent’s hero in a duel, your hero will earn both skill points and experience.
Achievements System
As you grow and advance as a Lord, the specially designed Achievements system records your progress in a “Dark Era” calendar. You can copy your list of achievements and show them off to your friends or rivals for the ultimate bragging rights.

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