Lords Online: skill system

Lords Online just released a new feature article introducing the hero skill system, which is an important way of heroes cultivation.

The skill system of Lords Online introduces unique talents providing players with far more choices according to their strategy. When the basic Life skill reaches the level cap, players can transfer classes and continue to strengthen whatever skills they feel are the most important. With 8 classes, and 8 skills per class, there is bound to be a combination that will work for each and every player, regardless of how specific their ambitions. Each set of skills for each class features a primary skill with 7 branch skills. Each skill has 5 levels. The first class, Life, is a common basic class for all characters. When the primary Life Class skill (Quick Recovery) reaches Level 5, the hero must choose another class from which to learn future skills. The available classes are Warrior, Force, and Mage. After that, skills from the other 2 classes will no longer be available. When the main skill in your hero's class reaches Level 5, then the hero can choose to learn from 1 of 4 sub-classes: Light, Dark, Surge or Chaos. After that, the skills of the other 3 sub-classes will no longer be available.


With heroes being vital to victory in the battle, players need to gradually improve their heroes skill level and mastery, thus increasing their attacking power. There is no blueprint for success, players are welcome to be creative and apply what works best for them in developing their heroes. To help players get accustomed to making decisions that will have a large impact on future performance, Lords Online has even included a Battle Simulator.

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