Lords Online: news and CB Keys and Premium Gifts Giveaway

To add to the general feeling of wow, the IGG team has released a brand new add-on to the Closed-beta version of Lords Online. This update includes the unique troop formation attack, improved effect bonuses and spells, and many more quality enhancements. It will be the biggest add-on since its alpha test. Remember that we are offering  500 Lords Online Closed Beta keys and $50 premium gift packs. Check details at this link or below.

1.    Alliance Technology

It is very important to be able to effectively transfer resources into military power. In the game, players have to choose which alliance to join. The alliance leader levels up the technologies for the other alliance members, and then each member will receive the appropriate bonus. Of course, members are still responsible for donating a certain amount of resources required to upgrade their alliance technologies. Included in the alliance tech are functions which can increase resource production, troop transportation, business transportation, the speed of army training and many others besides. Time is always of the essence, especially on the battle field. Players can take advantage of time saved by resource production, army training etc to make pre-emptive strikes on their enemies, greatly increasing the chances of victory.

2.    Troop Formation Attack

It is a new function included to Lords Online Closed Beta version. As a turn-based SLG game, the Lords Online battlefield is divided into many grids with each military unit taking a grid. In each round one Lord is required to take action, and then the opposing side will retaliate. In this turn about manner opposing sides must wait to see how their enemies react and then act upon it accordingly. Almost like a game of chess in that you must not only plan for your next step but also think several moves ahead.

With this new function, players can freely distribute their troops in specified formations to gain even more powerful attacks. For example, under an attack, 200 of your Infantry units will be killed if you place all 1000 of them in a single grid. However, if you split your troops into one grid of 999 and another of 1 unit, the single unit can help absorb the attack and reduce casaulties. This feature will introduce more tactical and strategy elements into the game, so that battle will be much more than merely a test of military size.

3.    Bonus Effect

A hero's skills are able to give bonuses to the army that he fights for. In the previous AT version the effect of this bonus could only be viewed on the hero interface. But now with the CB modifications, it can also be displayed on the expedition interface. So now players can clearly see their heroes?skills and description which will help them be able to put far more realistic strategies into play.

4.    The Effect of Spells

Lords Online features a controllable combat and high-quality animation effect. This is especially noticeable in the CB version; where they have once again improved the spell display to make the game more impressive and captivating. For example, the Lighting Strike effect is now with sound effect and becomes more vivid and realistic.

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