Lords Online: Assaulting a Kingstown Battlefields

Recently IGG has released the featured Kingstown Battlefields in version 1.5 of their Lords Online a browser-based fantasy game. At present the Battlefield function is only available at World_1, and will be released at other servers soon. With rich resources and Legendary Equipment hanging in the balance, conquering a Kingstown provides economic and military benefits to an alliance.

There are a few basics alliances should know before setting their sights on a Kingstown. A total of 49 majestic Kingstowns are scattered throughout the land. These are separated according to race, and alliances can only attack Kingstowns that match their race. An alliance may conquer as many Kingstowns as it can handle. Lords who don’t belong to an alliance cannot attack a Kingstown. Alliances can increase their Combat Bond during Kingstown Wars to improve their alliance technologies.

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Benefits of Holding a Kingstown
Upon conquering a Kingstown, the victorious alliance begins to receive all the tax income generated by the castles within the Kingstown’s territory. Each race’s Kingstowns also hold a different piece of Legendary Equipment, which the conquering alliance’s leader can assign to one member of the alliance. The leader can also retract Legendary Equipment assigned to any member. Players can use Legendary Equipment to greatly increase a hero’s abilities.

Reinforcing a Kingstown
Alliance members can send troops and resources to any Kingstown they occupy. However, those troops and resources then become permanently attached to the Kingstown and cannot be recalled. A Kingstown cannot reinforce other castles and will not contribute any resources to any player.

Attacking with a Kingstown
A Kingstown can only be used to attack another Kingstown. An alliance leader can send the troops of a Kingstown on an expedition to assault another Kingstown. However, during the war, players will not have any control over these troops.

Kingstowns are both key status symbols and valuable strongholds. Rally your alliance and get ready to claim your own Kingstowns for fun, profit and power.

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