Lineage II has presented its Valentine’s Day events, and has unveiled some information about the upcoming “Harmony” update

Innova is celebrating a special Valentine’s Day with in-game events for Lineage II in Europe. Until the 21st of February, players can get the recipe for a Valentine’s cake from the NPC Valentine Messenger. There are five different cakes, the Valentine Cake, Tasty Valentine Cake, Delicious Valentine Cake, Perfect Valentine Cake and Miraculous Valentine Cake. The ingredients for these can be obtained by hunting monsters, and every baked cake gives certain rewards to the player.

Furthermore Innova has unveiled some information about the “Harmony” update, which is expected for late February. This update will adjust skill bugs as well as some issues players might have experienced in main instant zones. It will add campaigns for daily quests, the mentoring system gets new functional features and hunting zones features will be fixed.

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