Leveling competition in Martial Empires

For gamigo, the launch of the English-language version of Martial Empires was its most popular game launch ever. To ring in the grand opening properly, a competition will be held. Players will be challenged to level up their newly created characters (created after July 20) as fast as they can. The first 100 players to reach level 25 will receive an extra special reward: an exclusive, non-tradable insignia proclaiming them "Master of Martial Empires" - this particular insignia will never be issued again, so this is a truly unique chance.

In time for the official launch of Martial Empires, new regions will be opened for play. West Mikan and a new dungeon offer fresh loot and exciting new challenges. The dungeons "Redcliff Cave" and "Ice Cavern" have also been redesigned. More unexplored regions will follow shortly.

Check here all you need to know about Martial Empires. And visit its official website.

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