Launch Date for World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Draws Near

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Wargaming has just confirmed the launch date for the Xbox 360 Edition of their successful action MMO World of Tanks: Xbox Live users all over the world will be given access to the franchise's tank warfare on February 12, 2014.

WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Tanks_Britain_Covenantor_Image_01 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Tanks_Germany_PzlV_Image_02 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Tanks_USA_T2Light_Image_03

Players possessing a Xbox Live Gold account will be granted unlimited access to digitally download and play for free while other Xbox users will enjoy a 7-day trial version of World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. Featuring over 100 iconic tanks from Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom at launch, the game will receive further tank models, inclusing tanks of other nations, and additional content through future downloadable updates.

WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_01 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_02 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_03 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_04 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_05 WoT_Xbox_360_Edition_Screens_Combat_Image_06

Custom built specifically for the Xbox 360, WoT Xbox 360 Edition will boast a new UI, matchmaking, revamped controls as well as other features to take full advantage of the Xbox 360's technological capabilities and online features. Consumables, premium tanks and premium accounts will also be available as in-game purchases to boost experience and currency accrual rates.

Source of information: Wargaming press release.

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