Kritika Online’s Roadmap Detailed

En Masse Entertainment unveiled an official Development Roadmap for their hyper-stylish, online anime brawler, Kritika Online. The Roadmap highlights the next three months of content, the game’s official Steam release, as well as future development plans in an effort to maintain full transparency with and gather feedback from the player community.

The first of many big updates arrives on August 30 with the release of the all-new two-player endgame instance, The Shattered Table. In this new EX Danger Zone, players will test their combat skills against a series of five increasingly difficult bosses. Those who survive will be rewarded with high level loot, including a new set of items used to evolve existing top tier armor and weapons. The August update will also open up the Arena and PVP modes to all players level 15 or above, giving them even more ways to play.

The August update also includes the addition of an all-new mode that mixes up previous encounters in a series of progressively more difficult levels which players will need to conquer in order to earn coins to trade-in for endgame loot, plus Ability Points to increase their stats and bonuses across all characters on their account.

September is a big month for Kritika Online, as the game transitions from open beta to its official launch, which is also the first time it will be available on Steam. This next big milestone for the game means more players than ever before will be able to experience the fast-paced, over-the-top stylish action Kritika Online is known for. Players in September can look forward to a new update that expands upon the game’s story with a series of missions based in the high-level Xanadu area.

Following on the heels of the September update, Kritika Online welcomes its first new class in October with the release of the Psion. This hybrid class mixes deft swordsmanship with a series of psionic blades to overwhelm her opponents.


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