Interviewing Straega, main GM for Fiesta Online

We have had the opportunity to talk with Straega, main GM for Fiesta Online. Read below the transcription.

We are pleased to interview you. Thanks you for concede us your time. First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer: I’m Straega, the main GM for Fiesta Online.

Many people are unaware about Fiesta Online, what would you say to people who don’t know about it?

A: Well, Fiesta Online is an MMO RPG that places players in a fantasy world with a great amount of unique challenges and places to explore. The game is free to play, easy to learn, and a fun way to interact with other players in a lively world. So for your readers I’d say: Try it! You might like it.

Do you know that ‘Fiesta’ means ‘party’ in Spanish?

A: Haha. Yes I do. Some of our players would find the name very fitting actually, especially with all the cool dance emotes that we have available.

How would you describe it? What are the main features of Fiesta Online?

A: The characters In Fiesta are very much anime-inspired, making it especially enticing to those who are into the genre or can appreciate the art. Players can currently choose four different classes, all with their own unique abilities and attributes. When a player starts out, there’s a very intuitive system in place to assist in finding quests along with the option to find a master or join a guild academy as well, to help players grow into a higher level role. As one levels up and goes adventuring more, features will become more available to players such as Kingdom Quests, Instanced Dungeons, Guild Tournaments, and even the option to make your own little house for you and your friends to hang out in.

Players talk about mushrooms houses.  Could you tell us something about?

A: Yes, they’re awesome, and have a few uses in the game. It’s basically the resting position for players who need to recharge their health and spirit. It’s also used to vend items that you want to sell and also acts as an entrance to your own personal Estate. It’s common to find many of these ‘sprouting’ up in the major cities.

Why do you think that Fiesta Online is different from the rest of MMOs in the market?

A: I feel that this game provides a very core, pure MMO experience; one that will allow a broader range of players to appreciate the game, everyone from the casual online RPG player, to the hardcore, and everything in between. In Fiesta, we also promote and maintain a very strong community, one that creates their own stories, art, publications, short films, and even some user generated content. It’s always been one of the things I could appreciate about this game and has always been an amazing aspect that I feel I don’t get as much of elsewhere.

Could you speak us about Fiesta Online’s background?

A: Fiesta Online was first published for the North American market in September of ’07, opening up the online world to many enthusiastic players, giving our users the drive to create the very rich and mobile community that I had mentioned.  The game has continued to evolve to make the content more modern & relevant. 

Why this game is more fun than others?

A: I think that much of the appeal to this game is that it’s very lighthearted in terms of the environment that the players get to explore and it is very easy to learn. Along with being able to be a part of a vast world with a rich community, Fiesta also provides very unique customization options that are available to develop your avatar. 

 Talk us about the future. What are your plans in 2010 and beyond?

A: Though I can’t go into too much detail, we work close with our developer to ensure that we deliver content that’s fun and challenging so that the game is fresh. The type of content we add includes, but aren’t limited to, things like new Instanced Dungeons, level caps, new Kingdom Quests, raid bosses, perhaps even a new class! Many things are still in the works for this game and we’re all excited to see them come to life.

Thanks you for your time. It was a pleasure. Do you have something to add?

A: Besides that the game is free to play and it’s worth checking out by anyone interested in MMO RPG style games?  Yes. Try not to step on anyone’s mushrooms on your adventure… Go Fiesta!

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