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Developed by Ons On Soft for Windows.


Fiesta Online is free-to-play 3D MMORPG with more than 2 Million players worldwide. The game is now available for European players in German, English and soon French and Spanish.


- New Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game
- Detailed Comic 3D Graphics
- Unique character development based on four classes
- PVE and PVP Gameplay
- Numerous Quests for single adventurers or groups
- Extensive Guild-Support
- Huge fantasy world with astonishing level of detail
- Easy to learn, hard to master


The warrior is utterly fearless. He or she brings immense strength and hand-to-hand combat experience that makes them the centre of any band of players.

Clerics support their companions with the healing Power of Light and can annihilate their enemies by summoning the Anger of Goddess Teva. The combination of magical healing and mystical attack makes Clerics indispensable to any band of fighters.

Archers have command over a wide range of skills including the ability to invoke the forces of nature for protection.

The energy of Isya flows through the Mage, which can be channelled into their perplexing magic spells.

The Trickster is an expert at dealing damage in a short amount of time. They are trained assassins, taught to detect any weaknesses and use them to their advantage. With every slash of a claw or strike of a blade, the Trickster acquires a soul,living essence used to unleash forceful attacks, powerful enough to bring even the toughest opponent to their knees.


You’ll see huge mushrooms all over the Fiesta Online world - so big, you can live in them! These are called “Minihouses” and resting in these small abodes allows you to regenerate your HP (Hit Point) and SP (Spirit Point) levels, essential for successful combat. You should take care in placing your minihouse, however, as you can still be attacked whilst resting inside.


With some in-game money, you can buy a ‘Mover’ - a animal or a device you can ride around the Fiesta Online world. It’s a lot faster than walking - but in order to use such devices you need to obtain riding skills from a Skill Master and the things themselves from an Item Merchant.


In Fiesta Online, each and every player can become a wheeler-dealer and open their own shop to buy and sell items.


Weapons are customisable in Fiesta Online – you can enhance their effectiveness against certain types of enemy. To do so, you need one or more ‘Weapon Licences’ for your weapon – up to 3 per weapon. You licence your weapon for use against particular opponents, improving its effectiveness against them.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD processor
RAM: 512MB Free
HDD: 3.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce MX or equivalent

Website: Fiesta Online

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10 Comentarios de Fiesta Online

  1. airgamer

    Awesome MMORPG! Been playing it for months now and so far, I’ve been having so much fun. So many people to meet and I love the features. It’s a MMO for players of all ages. This is an MMO that I’m impressed with because of the friendliness of the GMs and help of the community. There are tons of quests, PvP, item enhancing, guilds, and much more. Highly recommended to check out!

  2. Seiji

    I’ve played Fiesta a lot, it’s a nice game but I had to stop at lvl70 because they had just a few quests, after you complete you gotta grind day after day until you level up because you have nothing else to do. That’s very very boring. Of course, you can help yourself with premium items that will increase your exp earned up to +100%.

    I also think the cash shop it’s too expensive. A small pet that boost your stats with a few more points it’s around $5 per month. Add a costume, a house, a ration for your animal ride and you’re spending around $15~$20 per month. If you have a weapon skin, you will spend a bit more.

    I have spark cash (used on cash shop), a lot of premium items like costumes, pets and boosters and a level 70 char, but I don’t feel like returning to Fiesta, it’s not fun, you don’t have much to do besides grinding and spending a lot on the cash shop, trying to make the game fun with useless paid things, like premium dances and furnitures for your house.

  3. angrygirl45

    Fiesta is highly recommended for people who want to play World of Warcraft, but don’t want to buy it. Fiesta is massively social, and it’s graphics are amazing. There is so much stuff to do on Fiesta and some people might say that it’s boring, loads of grinding, but it’s not. Leveling is actually really fun when you’ve got kingdom quests to help you and you meet new people everyday. If you are not a money spender, you don’t have to buy SparkCash if you don’t want to, Fiesta is free to play. The game is massive and you will spend a lifetime on it because the max level is currently level 129!!!!! and counting. I highly recommend Fiesta to all those people out there who want an awesome game with sweet RPG action. GO FIESTA!!!

  4. Starlight

    Have to agree with Seiji… as soon as you get to ‘high’ levels then the game just gets far too slow. The game is also far too repetitive and the quests are just a shortcut to reducing grinding, which is what most of the game is.
    There is no storyline so nothing really new to discover.
    All you get by levelling up is the occasional new skill and slightly higher stats.
    Forget PvP unless you are prepared to spend far more than a good commercial game will cost on items to enhance your player.
    Forget levelling quickly at high levels unless you are again prepared to spend a lot of cash. Oh, and this is per CHARACTER. So multiply by 4 or 5 if you want a high lvl of each class.
    Community? yes there is one, but if you break/leave, most of the players/friends you made won’t give a stuff about you. When I quit probably about 1 in 5 bothered to talk to me, and hlaf of them only thought I’d be interested in who was what level. No thanks.
    Only thing good about the game is that it is simple to learn and play.

  5. Anon

    DO NOT PLAY THIS unless you are looking for a game that requires other people for success. Ive played this game for about 4 years of my life and only got to level 104 out of 110 (Though I think they’ve maxed to 120 by now). It took that long because you may not need to pay for game advancement but if you don’t it makes it very difficult, there’s lots of grinding if you’re a solo player, and with my experience there’s lots of drama on all the servers. It was very fun at certain points, but it is very unbalanced with the classes and many quests and certain dungeons will leave out a certain class making it very difficult for that one class to level. This game has very nice premium items that you have to pay for but just about all of them only last for 30 days. To even be good at this game you need really good armor, in my experience there are certain guilds that hog all of the bosses and get all the good armor for themselves, and they literally stay there every day all day. Not reccommended for someone that isn’t patient, and isn’t willing to spend money.

  6. IsoulzIx100


  7. umadbrah

    Yeah, sure. Max level is 129. I thought it was 115?

  8. Unknown

    I played this game for several years, invested quite a bit of money into it, almost hit the 115 cap, and quit.

    That being said I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME.

    It may be “free to play”, but it’s pay-to-win. Content supposedly can be completed without use of paid items, but I never met anyone who capped without them. Not to mention that many of the game mechanics are done in such a way to get you to purchase paid items.

    And if that alone wasn’t enough to convince you then I might as well mention the sub-par graphics, uninteresting storyline, lackluster customer service, laggy servers, unbalanced classes, horrible pvp, and a raiding system that is made in such a way that a single guild can monopolize raid bosses.

    There are so many games out there that are actually free to play that are much better than this. Save yourself some time and skip this one.

  9. Luke

    Fiesta starts out as a fun, anime style game, with interesting maps to explore, and plenty of quests to do. But it gradually becomes a strictly grinding game with very little story line and very few quests. At high levels, completing all quests will get you 20% to next level at best, and the rest has to be made up grinding repeatable quests. It is free to play, but pay to win, and even with a double experience boost card you will still end up literally having to kill the same monsters 20,000 times doing repeatable quests. Unfortunately, I know this from experience as I completed a weapons title from start to finish on a 9x repeatable and it required ~21,000 kills to complete. You will also need to buy cash shop items to help keep you alive or from losing experience on death as 1 death at higher levels can set you back hours of grinding.

    Just about everything in the game is based on gambling. The weapon/armor enhancement is virtually impossible without spending money to keep your item from being destroyed, which everyone learns the hard way, and even then it is random whether or not you are successful. The success rate is so low at higher levels that it can take 20-30 enhancement stones just to get an item to +3, unless of course you pay real money. There are perm outfits but they all have bad or no stats. The outfits with stats expire after 30 days. Some of the best items in the cash shop are only available from the “lucky” boxes, which is just a form of gambling to try to get an item you wish you could just pay for.

    The game is also notorious for crashing. “Fiesta.Bin” error, or “binning” happens so often, it has become an in game joke among players. Other problems include “Target out of casting range” errors if your vid card or cpu is overclocked, and problems with route determination that constantly get you stuck on stairways, trees, and other objects when you click to move somewhere in the distance.

  10. Flowersss

    So, I’m the person in that screenshot 🙂 Flowersss. That was taken back in 2007 when the game first came out. Fiesta is a great social game and was a very tight knit community. That’s mainly the reason I loved it. I will say I was reflectively popular in the game but besides that, I wouldn’t go back to it. The developers were very money hungry and like many people have stated, if you aren’t spending money, you won’t do well in the game.

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