Good and Bad Things About Vikings: War of Clans

In Vikings: War of Clans, players take on the role as a Viking leader of their own clan, sworn to train up a Viking army and rise to the position of Konung. From developers Plarium the game is a free to play browser-mobile MMO strategy. Is this a title to be forgotten about once thrown on the pyre, or one to find immortality in Valhalla? Let’s find out!

The Good

Great Graphics – The art style is fantastic, particularly the area for the player’s own settlement where the high level of detail and animations of NPCs going about their day breathes life into an otherwise static screen

War/PVP Focus – Players won’t have long until they’re constantly holding back the gates from enemy invaders, once a new player’s protection period has ended then it’s a PVP free for all, showing that the game truly is about warring Clans

High Personal Customization – From choosing the direction of your clan’s research, the gear your hero will wear, the types of units in your army, to your own general play style; there are multiple ways to customize and shape your settlement and game experience

Vikings! – The theme itself is an exciting one; building up a Clan of Viking raiders, engaging in attacks against rivals and slowly working your way to becoming the next Konung!

Detailed Research Tree – The research tree is divided up into various categories and dozens of knowledge/techs to unlock, allowing players to shape their Clan’s advancement depending on each player’s preferences

The Bad

Plarium’s MMO “Formula” – The developers re-use the same “formula” in all their MMOs, using the same mechanics, systems, business model and more recently graphical style; aside from a few theme changes and feature tweaks each released game feels like that last one

Restrictive Research – Although there are plenty of knowledges/techs to learn in different branches, periodically you reach a single tech that requires all of the previous techs in the tree to have been learned and so greatly limits customization

Grindy Early Game – The early game is little more than button clicking to repeatedly upgrade buildings and training troops for hours, with very little to do and levels/research needed to unlock various features, the early game is extremely dull

Pay-to-Win – The game has far too many ways that premium/purchased currency can heavily impact the game; everything from speeding up the training of units, building construction, tech research, and even outright strength boosts for armies, late game almost requires spending cash to compete

Connection Quality – Particularly on the mobile app versions the game is constantly suffering from issues in terms of players connecting to the game, staying connected, suffering freezes, and multiple other problems that require far too many solutions to fix the generally poor performance

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