Good and Bad Things About Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is a browser and mobile based medieval free to play strategy from developers InnoGames, the team behind the original Tribal Wars; with the sequel players once more gather resources and military units and forge alliances as they wage war against other players in PVP to expand their borders; but what are the weakest and strongest aspects of the game?


Empire Builder – The game isn’t just about building up one city, players will have to expand their borders and form their own Empire and manage multiple settlements, adding a high level of micro-management to the strategy

Enormous Map – The game’s playable space is massive, with a ton of virtual land to conquer and claim as your own it provides plenty of contested borders where players will vie for territory and forge alliances with other players to claim it from their rivals

Cooperative Gameplay – With co-ops players are able to more freely trade resources between each other’s empires to help one another out, more so players have the facility to hand the keys to the Empire over to trusted co-op friends and effectively let them run their Empire when needed

Player Investment – The more you put into the game, the more you get out; and although the early game is relatively poor, sticking with the title and players will unlock more features and content that truly make this a full MMO to engross themselves into

Actual Defeat – Players can, and are, knocked out of the game constantly by other rival players; whilst you may spend weeks and months building up your Empire it can all be taken away by war-mongering opponents who can completely knock a player out of the match


Was a Sequel Necessary? – In truth the original Tribal Wars is still remarkably popular, and the launch of the new game seemed somewhat unnecessary and would have potentially been a better use of resources to just update the original game

Huge Time Requirements – If players want to be semi-competitive then they need to put in some serious time and constantly be checking on their Empire every time they are notified of an attack; this requires active and constant management if a player wants to get a high rank

Potential Money Requirements – Again, more specific to competitive “achiever” type players, but the pay to advance mechanics are so prevalent and commonplace in the game it is almost a requirement to sink big money into the title to get ahead

Bugs – Although all online games suffer from them from time to time, InnoGames don’t always seem to respond as quickly as would be ideal and some catastrophic bugs (such as those the various ones that completely crash mobile gamers sessions) take too long to rectify

“Protected Status” Time – The time that players have under “protected status” where they can’t be attacked, just doesn’t feel long enough; given how brutal the game can be it is extremely difficult for a solo player (ie. hasn’t joined a Tribe) to build up enough defences in the short period they have before they become attackable, forcing them to join a clan

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