Good and Bad Things About Throne: Kingdom at War

In Throne: Kingdom at War, players are able to construct their own castle town and train an army to defend it, or use those forces to engage in PVP against thousands of players and raid their settlements. Designed by Plarium and using their standard MMO formula as seen in their other titles; the game offers some Good and Bad elements, so let’s look at them…


Exceptional Graphics – The graphics and level of detail of the castle towns in particular is extremely high level, filled with animations and intricate world design, it’s a pleasure to explore and is complimented by a sleek user interface

Plenty of Customization – Whether deciding which research and buildings to focus on, what the composition of your army will be, or simply what gear and skills your main hero will have, there are lots of ways for players to customize their Empire

Encourages Orders – Orders are the player organizations (guilds) in the game, early on players are given quests to join or create one, as well as some features only being accessible to players in an Order, and so encourages players to get involved in a more social system that will help them get the most from the title

High PVP Level – With a fairly brutal play style, as soon as players lose their newbie protection then they will be faced with attack after attack that they must try and defend, as well as launching their own against other players; the game is true to its war strategy nature

Peace Shields – If players need to be away from the game for an extended period of time then they have the option to buy peace shields ensuring that their settlements can’t be invaded; ideal for when you want to lie on the beach on holiday without worrying if your entire city is being pillaged


The Same Gameplay – There is a major sense of deja vu with the game, though the theme is slightly different and there’s the odd tweak to a feature here and there, essentially the result is the same game and gameplay as the rest of Plarium’s MMOs that offers very little that is new

Zoomed Graphics are Poor – At full size the game looks incredible, but zooming in to the closest scale and the fidelity of the graphics just falls apart giving way to blurry and pixelated graphic that are poorly optimized

Tedious Early Game – The early portion of the game consists of a constant clicking to build and upgrade the same buildings over and over, it’s not fun, it doesn’t teach you new mechanics (after the first time) and is a really poor start to the game that gives a bad initial impression

Gold Currency – There are far too many microtransaction options in the game offering benefits in every possible way; building and troop rushing, resource replenishment, boost buying, VIP systems… the game walks a very thin line when it comes to being pay to win

Deceptive “Screenshots” – On the official website the “screenshots” that depict combat show it to be some sort of army controlling RTS type game, so much so that it’s not even possible to recreate these screenshots as combat is essentially selecting your troops then hitting an attack button for automated combat

No Mobile – Web Cross Compatibility – You can’t play the same account on both mobile and web browser version, this makes the web browser version very sub-par as being able to respond to enemy attacks when away from your computer forces players onto the phones web browser which is not optimised well for mobile

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