Good and Bad Things About Soldiers Inc

In Soldiers Inc players are tasked with building up their own military site in a contested foreign land, erecting buildings and training up units to battle against other players. A modern post-apocalyptic setting the game is a free to play strategy developed by Plarium, so here’s what we think are the Good and Bad elements of the title.


Detailed graphics – Whilst the visuals walk a fine line between “out dated” and “retro”, it’s fair to say that the level of detail on maps is exceptionally high and does a good job of capturing the worn-torn post-apocalyptic setting

Accelerated early game – When compared with some of Plarium’s other titles, Soldiers Inc gives players more to actually do early on, providing a wider variety of structures early on, story driven quests and earlier access to some key features

Voice overs and soundtrack – With the fully voiced character guide Mr Black and the music composed by Jesper Kyd (Darksiders 2, Assassin’s Creed) the audio of the game is of a truly high standard

Multi-Platform – Available on browsers (PC/Mac), iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as having direct Facebook integration with their flash site and Facebook’s Gameroom platform, the game can be accessed almost anywhere by anyone

Necessary Cooperative Play – Player can, and ultimately will need to, work alongside other players to help not only overcome some of the challenges in the game, but survive against other players and their larger “Combine” alliances, forcing more social play


The Plarium Formula – There’s very separating one Plarium title from another, other than a different theme their “formula” consists of using the same mechanics, features and business model for each title and so there is rarely anything new to experience from one MMO to the next

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare – The sequel to their MMO overshadows the game, with some more updated elements it appeals to the same audience and draws players away from Soldiers Inc, which looks extremely dated when put side by side with its new rival

Purchased Advantages – Whilst it may be promoted as “paying for convenience” the fact is that nearly every element of the game can be improved by premium purchased currency; improved combat units, needed resources, VIP boosts, tech increases and anything else that makes the game pay to win

Constantly Waiting – More prominent in the late game it feels like gameplay becomes the constant grind of waiting days and weeks to complete buildings and techs, retraining the same units over and over and attacking the same people; gameplay become simply watching timers count down

Necessary Cooperative Play – Being social and playing with other people isn’t for everyone, but it is practically impossible to stay alive in the game as a lone wolf playing on your own, forcing players to group up even if they don’t want to

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