Good and Bad Things About Seafight

Developed by Bigpoint, Seafight puts players at the helm of their very own pirate vessel, this browser based free to play MMO focuses on story based quests, PVE combat and PVP battles. Whether seeking out sunken treasure or battling across the high seas to gain infamy and plunder rivals, as one of Bigpoints older titles the game still seems to be sailing along, let’s take a look why as we investigate the good and bad bits…


Varied Customization – Although early on players can face a number of cost and level based restrictions, further into the game players have a wide variety of ships, upgrades, items and ammo to choose from to define their preferred play style

Switching From Flash – Adobe has made its intentions clear that Flash will no longer be supported from 2020, which Seafight currently is developed with; to ensure the game continues and to keep the current community, the developers are already creating a standalone client

Events Each Month – Every month players can still experience new challenging events where they can acquire new items, ship and rewards, as well as fresh content to keep them occupied

PVP Oriented – Given that the game focuses on pirate fights on the seas, the game is extremely PVP focused in the later game with the majority of content geared towards battling against fellow players in duels, larger fleet raids, with pirate boarding parties

The Retro Graphics – Fortunately for Seafight as the graphics were pretty decent at the time it still looks passable now, instead of looking dated the game holds a certain charm and retro vibe instead of simply looking tired and old


Bland PVE – The PVE content is point and click blandness offering very little challenge or even fun, without the PVP content the game wouldn’t stay afloat

Pay to Win – The game has been out for so long, and the prices of items slowly crept up, that any new player would struggle to catch up to veteran players and to do so would cost them an absolute fortune; casual players or spenders cannot hope to be able to compete in PVP

Repetitive Grind – The content, from new zone to new zone, is the same tired content with very little in the way of uniqueness, making that journey from new player to max level a very tiring grind

Quests – The Quests are terrible on all fronts, from only being able to pick up one quest at a time, to them being constant back and forth traveling to coordinated with little to do in between; they are a good source of XP but unfortunately the level requirements for new quests always force players into long AI grind sessions for hours between quests

Empty Early Game – With the age of the game the older players have all advanced into the later zones, and as an old title Seafight no longer has the pulling power to bring in a constant stream of new players; the result is a bunch of dead low level zones with no one to speak to or play with

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