Good and Bad Things About Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Developed by Plarium, Pirates: Tides of Fortune focuses on players building up a pirate haven and constructing a fleet of pirate ships to battle against other real world players in a PVP strategy. Free to play and browser based we’re taking a look at what is good and bad about the title; is it a sunken treasure waiting to be found, or a shipwreck? Let’s find out!


Completely Free – Whether you like the game or not, it is at least free to play and so players don’t have to put down any money up front to fully test the game; furthermore the premium currency that becomes a little more of a requirement later on is something that can be earned in part simply through playing

YARRRR! PIRATES! – One of the better and more interesting themes out there, who doesn’t want to hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail for the seven seas, and get to be a pirate? It sounds like a pretty damn good theme to us!

Lots of Discoveries – The MMOs version of tech research is the Discovery tree, a branching tree made up of dozens of different discoveries that will help players advance and shape their pirate Haven and gameplay experience to their own preferred style of playing; also as new features unlock with different discoveries it means that player occasionally get new features to experience

PVP Oriented Game – The game focuses almost wholly on player vs player combat; whilst PVE against AI is in the game, the core focus is pitting players and their Brotherhood guilds against each other constantly which means players must forever be on guard and ready for the next rival raid

Inviting Friends – A definite friends with benefits situation, by inviting friends to the game if they manage to get to level fifteen then you and your own Haven will gain a variety of benefits, also it means having a bunch of friends in game to start your own Brotherhood!


Plarium’s Own Formula – Whilst Pirates is one of the developer’s earlier games, and so is in part one of the original games that their “formula” was made for (i.e. the same mechanics, features and gameplay across their games, but a new theme), the game now suffers under new and improved MMOs that also have the same formula and makes older titles redundant

Early Game Experience – Little more than a tedious cycle of constructing building and harvesting resources, the developers have managed to take an awesome theme like Pirates and make an extremely boring early-game that has barely anything piratey about it

Dated Graphics – Whilst some might call them retro we’d argue that the pixilation and generally weak animations don’t deserve the retro title, instead they just look like a game that hasn’t aged particularly well

Premium Currency – At late game the MMO is way too skewed by the unbalancing power of premium currency that allows purchase of unique combat units, resources, boosts, shields and anything else that can and does give a pay to win advantage

No Mobile App – Again highlighting the age of the game, for a game that requires constant monitoring then there being no actual mobile app is quite hindering, as the newer games do have Android and iOS apps it begs the question why would you now go to one of the developer’s less efficient older titles?

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